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What is a motorcycle tools

Motorcycle Tools Every Rider Should Own. Motorcycle tool by holyprecision is the first choice of professional and home mechanics around the world. Included Dry clutch tool, Alternator Cover Pulling Tool,Cam Wheel Nut Tool , Steering Stem Nut Tool, chain adjuster/swingarm eccentric tool/Dry Clutch Basket,Front/Rear Wheel Nut Tool,Wheel Socket Nut Tool, Clutch Spring Alloy Collar Cap Kit,rocker arm tool set, pressure plate, clutch hub, frame,etc.


We designed and manufactured maintenance tools for Bevel and later Ducati.

We are have an effort to design and manufacture some of the most beautiful and sohisticated tools that can be bought anywhere This will ensure that all parts on your Ducati will be properly repaired in the next coming few years.


You don’t have to be a professional mechanic to give your bike some proper care if the need arises. Still, a time will come when you would have the itch to do the tinkering by yourself or if you’re in need of some emergency repairs. Leave the most technical of jobs for professionals but for the more basic ones, at the very least, be equipped with the right tools together with your bike’s service manual to bring out that budding mechanic in you. Here’s a short — but important — list of tools you should always have handy.


Your motorcycle’s factory manual. Every motorcycle is different, and if anyone can tell you how to best take care of your baby, it’s the manufacturer( just like us)


When it comes to your tools you don’t want to skimp on quality, and the great thing about most of these tools is they’re not motorcycle-specific. You’ll definitely have other uses for them and get more bang for your DIY buck.


Motorcycle clutch tool is a component which enables the engine power to engage or disengage with the gearbox in gradual and safe manner.


Item NO:HD009 Details:Aluminum Materials Clutch Basket:for all Ducatis with 6 speed dry clutch.Including 1 Aluminum Clutch Basket and 8 Clutch Basket Mounting Bolts 10.9 grate / high tensile strength
Item NO: Dry Clutch Pressure Plate With Teeth Material: Aluminum Surface Treatment: Anodized Color: Red/Yellow/Black/Gray Details: Alternative to OEM, 19420011B, 19420151A designed for all 6 speed Duca.. dry clutch engines
Item NO: Bevel Twin Clutch Basket Holding Tool Material: Aluminum Surface Treatment: Clear Anodized

How to use motorcycle tools

Professional motorcycle tools

  Over 10 years factory foreign business, 22 years experience in cnc machining industries.
  MOQ is unlimited quantity.
  We export all over the world, mostly to Europe and America.
  Custom Service-In addition to our existing products, we can also customize the parts according to the drawings or samples.
  Fast offer-all inquiries will be replied within 2 hours except sleeping time in China; Our telephones stand by any calls at any time.
  Fast delivery-all in-stock items could be arranged shipment within 24hours.
  Payment term-Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 50% T/T in advance ,50% balance before shipment.
  Order progress- We will offer a detailed production schedule and send weekly reports with digital pictures and videos which show the productions process.
  Quality control-We have QC department to control the quality from the beginning of production until goods finish. Quality inspection report will be sent together with each batch goods.
  Customer complain-as a matter of fact, we won’t take a chance to do poor quality products. Meanwhile, we manufacture goods quality products until your satisfaction.
  If you become our agent in your country, there will be some special discounts for you, and amazing gifts is available for you who achieves our annual selling amount goal.
  NDA-we will keep drawings well and not release to third party without your permission.
  It ensures everlasting reliability and enduring value.
  Strict quality control from start to finish.
  High-quality materials to ensure unrivaled performance.
  Engineered to meet high quality standards.
  Precision and rugged construction.
  Designed to fulfill the needs of motorcyclists.
  Ready to serve you seamlessly for years to come.
  Guaranteed to provide excellent functionality.
  Absolute quality, great durability, and solid workmanship,ensures everlasting service life.
  Compact design to carry in your tool pack.

Customer's favorite motorcycle tools

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 Professional motorcycle parts machining process


Quality check process

About buying motorcycle tools

How does dry clutch work?
30 April 2021

A dry clutch is one with a plate outside the engine casing. Dry clutch uses friction to engage and has no need for lubricant. Due to the increased friction, dry clutch tends to overheat quickly. To counter the problem, dry clutch has a large surface area to allow for optimal air cooling. Because dry clutch is not awash with oil, dry clutches deliver increased power to the rear wheel and less drag to the engine.

How to maintain dry clutch?
14 May 2021

There is always one guy in every group whose car runs just a little bit better than everybody else's. The difference probably lies in the dry clutches. The best tuning practices for dry clutch are more than just running the proper weights or installing the right helix for altitude. A lot of times dry clutch tuners forget that little things do affect dry clutch operation and ultimately their overall performance and reliability. Here are some simple practices to make sure your dry clutches are running at their full potential.

How to maintain clutch spring?
11 May 2021

Clutch springs are a kind of motorcycles parts can be found in use on most motorcycle clutch assemblies. Five or more clutch springs are used per motorcycle clutch assembly. Stiffer springs are typical of higher output engines. Softer springs beget, a lighter clutch lever pull effort. When maintaining your clutch, it is important to check the free length of clutch springs. If clutch springs are out of specification, they can cause clutch to slip which will result in premature failure of other clutch components.

What is dry clutch?
04 June 2021

A dry clutch is that part of the engine which engages or disengages power from the engine crankshaft to transmission. A dry clutch is the mechanism with the help of which you change gears. In other words, dry clutch turns on or off power to the rear wheel. Using air to cool the clutch is called a dry clutch. Because dry clutches do not have the resistance of engine oil, they generally respond faster and have a larger bite force. Dry clutches generally use exposed methods to dissipate heat.

What is CNC turning parts?
01 June 2021

CNC turning parts is a manufacturing process in which bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape. A turret with tooling of CNC turning parts attached is programmed to move to the bar of raw material and remove material to create the programmed result. CNC turning parts is also called “subtraction machining” since it involves material removal.

What is CNC mold?
28 May 2021

Many companies are offering CNC molds before going directly to the manufacturing process for a lot of reasons. CNC molds are low-cost molds that are typically different from production mold because CNC molds are meant for short-term use only. In many ways, CNC molds are useful for several manufacturing companies when they need to make several new products, look at the specifications and see how the product functions or behave.

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