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What is CNC mold?

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Many companies are offering CNC molds before going directly to the manufacturing process for a lot of reasons. CNC molds are low-cost molds that are typically different from production mold because CNC molds are meant for short-term use only. In many ways, CNC molds are useful for several manufacturing companies when they need to make several new products, look at the specifications and see how the product functions or behave.



What are the features of CNC molds?

What is the role of CNC machining parts in CNC mold manufacturing?

How to use CNC mold?


What are the features of CNC mold?

Because CNC molds are different from the final product in function, it also serves a different purpose. First, CNC molds are pre-production molds used in testing and solving issues before a final product is put into production. CNC molds also have shorter lead times because test products are needed to undergo further studies.

The CNC mold is also made from inexpensive materials since they are not ought to be the final version and the approach is more phased. CNC mold is only used to see the final specifications and how the product will look. If a company needs a cost-effective and reliable evaluation of a product, CNC molds can aid in the modifications and help manufacturers add or remove processes necessary before committing to make the final product, as well as helping the business to determine what is best for the product before going into final production.

Production speed of CNC mold is fast, high efficiency, which can realize automation operation. CNC mold has breed of design and color that shapes can range from simple to complex and size can be from large to small. The product size of CNC mold is accurate which can be made into complex shape parts.

Due to the high pressure during molding, CNC mold can be shaped into plastic parts with complex shapes, clear surface patterns and marks and high dimensional accuracy.




What is the role of CNC machining parts in CNC mold manufacturing?

In the precision of CNC mold processing, with the help of a number of software to achieve CNC mold processing, the use of digital control processing mode to improve the precision of the manufacturing process. The actual process can be completed by precise digital input to the computer. The processing of CNC molds is driven by digital control technology to improve the precision of the entire mold, further improving the quality of the processing.

The range of CNC mold processing is increased. The corresponding joint motion of the drive device is completed under the drive of the CNC device and CNC software. The important digital control devices mainly include the drive unit of the spindle, the feed unit and the related motor. The entire drive unit is not only able to achieve multiple goals, but also to drive the machine for complex mold production. Compared to the traditional mold processing technology, the scope of CNC mold processing is constantly broadened, and the accuracy of the processing is also guaranteed.



How to use CNC mold?

When using CNC molds, due to the inconsistent height of various CNC molds, CNC molds of the same height can only be used when selecting CNC molds on a machine.

When using the CNC mold, choose the appropriate upper and lower CNC molds according to the material hardness, thickness and length of the metal sheet. Generally, the lower CNC mold is used according to the standard of 5~6 T, and the length is longer than the sheet. When the material is harder, the thicker the material, the lower die with a wider slot should be used.

When using the CNC mold, you should have a clear mind that the upper and lower CNC molds should be locked after the machine is aligned to the origin. Don’t let the CNC mold fall. During the operation, please pay attention to the pressure and do not apply too much pressure at once.

When the CNC mold is used up, put it back on the mold rack in time and place it according to the label. Frequently clean the dust on the CNC mold and apply anti-rust oil to avoid rust and reduce the accuracy of the CNC mold.

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