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Strict Quality Inspection Advanced Inspection Equipment
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5 Axis Machine
5-axis machining is an effective means to reduce setups and increase accuracy for multi-sided and complex parts.
4 Axis Machine
4-axis machining is a more economically viable way of machining parts, in the meanwhile keep strict tolerances.
3 Axis Machine
3-axis machining, the most simple type of machining, which is best suited to manufacture of planar milled profiles, drillings & threaded holes in-line with an axis.
EDM Machine
Electrical discharge machining is a Special processing technology category, is a kind of electric discharge machining machine tool. It is widely used in the processing of superhard materials, difficult materials and thin-walled parts.
Injection Molding Machine
Fast production speed, high efficiency, can cover many varieties of designs and colors. The shape can be from simple to complex, so as the size(from large to small). Injection molding is suitable for mass production, complex shape products. More options for material and surface treatment.
CNC Turning Machine
Turning and milling compouned machine reduce manual replacing fixture times, improve machining accuracy and ensure high tolerance can be meet +/- 0.005mm.
Coordinate Measuring Machine
The CMM usually specifies the position of the probe according to its reference position in the Cartesian coordinate system (XYZ axis). In addition to moving the probe along the X, Y, and Z axes, many machines allow the probe Angle to be controlled to allow measurement of hard-to-reach surfaces.
Laser Engraving Machine
It is the process of using a laser beam to carve designs, letters or numbers into the material. These machines use automation to achieve precise cutting and engraving on a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass and plastic. The basic components of a laser engraving machine are the laser and lens, which produce and focus a beam powerful enough to carve the design.
Laser Cutting Machine 
Laser cutting has wide cutting range, good cutting quality and high efficiency. Strong timeliness, faster than machining, especially for small quantity and special-shaped product. More options for material and surface treatment.
Stamping Machine
Stamping can produce finished metal parts faster than any other metal processing. We produces hundreds of millions of stampings every year for electronics and automotive industries.
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At Holy Precision, we provide high-quality cnc machining, rapid prototyping and surface treamtnt services for supporting your projects. We have senior engineers and proficient workers in our team to serve for you in cnc machining milling, rapid prototyping, cnc turning.

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