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CNC refers to computer numerical control. All CNC machines are run by computers that translate the human input into movements through code. Computer-controlled systems enhance the repeatability and precision of the manufacturing processes. Such systems can translate 3D CAD models straight into CAM models, meaning that no manual writing of code is necessary. The programs generate the code based on the geometry of the digital parts.

CNC machining parts is typically used for projects requiring one-offs to multiple hundreds of parts from plastic to metal, from low-quantity to mass production needs. CNC machining parts runs in contrast to the limitations of manual control, where live operators are needed to prompt and guide the commands of machining tools via levers, buttons and wheels. CNC machining parts is a term commonly used in manufacturing and industrial applications.

At Holy Precision, we use advanced equipment to offer you a variety of CNC machining services including milling, turning, EDM, wire EDM, surface grinding and much more. Using our imported 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machining centers, our skilled machinists can make turned and milled parts using a wide range of plastic and metal materials. Our CNC machining abilities also complement our 3D metal printing service making us a great one-stop-shop for your advanced designs.
Holy Precision CNC Milling Service
CNC milling parts are the important parts of CNC milling machines, which contain aluminum machining parts, brass, copper, bronze, low carbon steel machining parts, machined plastic parts, stainless steel machining parts, and titanium machining parts.
Precision and accuracy
Quick and fast turnaround
Scalability and repeatability
Material diversity and options
Custom surface finishes
Medical Equipment
Electronics Equipment
Aerospace and Defense Equipment
Industrial Equipment
Camera Cage Equipment
Aluminum: AL2017, AL2024, AL5052, AL5083, AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, AL7075 etc.
Brass & Bronze: HPb61, HPb62, HPb63, HPb59, H59, H68, H80, H90, C360, 260, C932 M07 Bearing Bronze etc.
Copper: C11000, C12000, C36000 etc.
Stainless Steel: SS201, SS301, SS302, SS303, SS304, SS316, SS416, SS420, SS440C etc.
Steel: Mild Steel, Carbon Steel, 4140, 4340, Q235, Q345B, 20#, 45# etc.
Iron: A36, 45#, 1213, 12L14, 1215 etc.
Plastic: ABS, Acrylic, PTFE, Peek, Delrin, POM, Teflon, PC, PP, Nylon etc.
Titanium Alloy: TAD, TA0, TA1, TA2, TA3, TA4, TA5, TA6, TA7, TA8, TA9, TA10, TB2, TB3, TB4, TC1, TC2, TC3, TC4, TC6, TC9, TC10 etc.
Standard/As manufactured
After manufactured processing with visible tooling marks on the parts.
Bead blasting
Bead blasting creates a smooth, uniform surface finish on the part, covered the machining marks on the surface
A surface smoothing and polishing method done with the aid of a sandpaper or sand.
Anodizing can be broken down into two broad sub-categories: decorative and hard anodizing. The main differences between the two is how thick and durable the coating is, and the exact process used to create it.Anodizing is most common with aluminium parts.
Powder coating
Powder spraying is to spray powder coatings onto the surface of workpieces by powder spraying equipment (electrostatic spraying machine). Under the action of electrostatic force, the powder will evenly adsorb on the surface of workpieces and form powder coatings.
Nickel plating; Chrome plating; Zinc plating; Silver/gold plating;
It is achieved by using a grit belt or wheel, non-woven abrasive belt or pad to produce a polished finish in a metal part.
Used for creating high-quality surface finish in CNC machined parts
Over 10 years factory foreign business, 22 years experience in cnc machining industries.
Fast offer-all inquiries will be replied within 2 hours except sleeping time in China; Our telephones stand by any calls at any time.
Payment term-Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 50% T/T in advance ,50% balance before shipment.
Order progress- We will offer a detailed production schedule and send weekly reports with digital pictures and videos which show the productions process.
Quality control-We have QC department to control the quality from the beginning of production until goods finish. Quality inspection report will be sent together with each batch goods.
Customer complain-as a matter of fact, we won’t take a chance to do poor quality products. Meanwhile, we manufacture goods quality products until your satisfaction
NDA-we will keep drawings well and not release to third party without your permission.
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At Holy Precision, we provide high-quality cnc machining, rapid prototyping and surface treamtnt services for supporting your projects. We have senior engineers and proficient workers in our team to serve for you in cnc machining milling, rapid prototyping, cnc turning.

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