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Strict Quality Inspection Advanced Inspection Equipment
Strict Quality Inspection Advanced Inspection Equipment
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Main Products

Stit qulty inspection for each procedure and responsiblestaff ensuring product quality 
and delvery time always keeps good reputation at home and abroad.
Our main products including high precision CNC machining parts, CNC Machining Brass Parts, Motorcycles Parts like aluminum motorcycles parts, alternator cover pulling tool motorcycle, Precision motorcycles parts etc.
We custom made CNC Machining different materials Parts
We customized precision CNC Machining Turning Brass/Bronze/Copper......
Customized CNC Machining Milling Turning Stainless Steel Parts
Precision Aluminum /Steel /Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Parts
Name:Motorcycle Assembly Dry Clutch Sets Material: Aluminum Surface Treatment: Anodized Color: Available Sample : Within Today

About Professional Customized Fabrication Manufacturer

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Holy Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., is a manufacturer with factory who has a strong products develop team with many experienced workers; We provide cnc machining,CNC turning, laser cutting and sheet metal fabrication and stamping and mould tooling service, just like Clutch Tool for Motorcycle, alternator cover pulling tool,

Front Axle Alignment Tool. Holy Precision are manufacturing the custom parts from your drawings or existing samples. We can make the parts with carbon steel, aluminum 6061T, 7075T, brass, plastic or stainless steel etc. Our objective is to develop and produce merchandise to meet your exact specifications and offer an extensive range of styles to ensure that we can satisfy your expectations and budget.We have... 

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Factory Size
Workforce Total
Production Line
                                                        Raw Materials Testing
                                                                                                                       Meeting Quality and Regulatory Standards

Ensuring that our manufactured products are in line with international or industry standards is not merely a factor for a competitive edge,but a critical process to prevent or avoid the cause of damage and injury to our customers. At HolyPrecision, for all of the raw materials, we conduct our own testing procedures. if it is not passed our teating, we will not choose it. There are also test standards such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, and more that ensure the quality of materials used and products made.
                                                       Production Department 
Holy Precision Manufcturing Co., Ltd is an industry-standard ISO9001 Manufacturer with factory (own property) total 15000sqm (including CNC machining workshop13000sqm and anodisation workshop 2000sqm), it has advanced CNC machining Centers with more than 100 sets of Tomos 3 axis/Chiron 4 axis/Hass 5 axis, CNC turning lathes, CNC drilling lathes, CNC milled machine, Stamping machinery, Grinding machinery, Wire cut, EDM, Engraving Machinery, Welding equipment, Laser cutting machinery, Die casting machinery, Forging machinery, Plastic Injection mold machinery, The macing machining range is 2000x1500x800 mm, CNC accuracy can be achieved to plus or minus 0.005mm. Our skilled machinists can make turned and milled parts using a wide range of plastic and metal materials, injection molding, extrusion and metal fabrication services are also provided, make sure your project are enjoyed one-stop services.
Sheet Metal Fabrication 
Holy Precision’s engineers have extensive experience in working with a wide variety of materials for sheet metal fabrications, such as plain, stainless, galvanized steel, aluminum, titanium, and a variety of other alloys. Whatever your application is that requires a custom-made sheet metal form, these engineers can make suggestions for the design, materials, and coatings for your sheet metal form so that you get the best return on your investment.

There are three simple methods of sheet metal fabrication: cutting, forming, and finishing.

                                                      Surface Treatment 

Surface treatment refers to the many processes used to modify the surface appearance and texture of manufactured products, and convey the desired feeling and appearance to the parts. We don’t just make parts. We make them better by applying a variety of treatments to improve their appearance, performance and durability.This is a crucial step in whether a product can be presented perfectly。
Standard/As manufactured
After manufactured processing with visible tooling marks on the parts.

Sand blasting
Sand blasting creates a smooth, uniform surface finish on the part, covered the machining marks on the surface,We have surface effects of different sand particle sizes to meet your needs.
Aluminum Anodizing
We have own 2-Automated Anodizing Lines to meet your requirements.

Anodizing can be broken down into two broad sub-categories: decorative and hard anodizing. The main differences between the two is how thick and durable the coating is, and the exact process used to create.
Steel Parts
Black Oxide
The black oxide coating is produced by a chemical reaction between the iron on the surface of the ferrous metal and the oxidizing salts present in the black oxide solution.
Nickel plating; Chrome plating; Zinc plating; Silver/gold plating;
An electrochemical process cleans steel parts to reduce corrosion and improve appearance, by making the metal brighter. Removes about 0.0001”-0.0025” of the metal. Conforms to ASTM B912-02
                                                Quality Inspection Process
Inspections and Review for Every Stage of Production
To ensure quality from start to finish, Holy Precision has established our own systematic process for inspection and quality review:
1.Design stage, our engineer ensure that the design meets manufacturing standard,2d drawings in PDFformat 100% matched 3d drawings in Step format.
2.Material stage, we inspect all of the raw materials to ensure they conform to specifications and grade.
3.Next, we produce the first article and inspection and simultaneously establish a QR code for the product to track each production stage of the product
4.Continute to work in-process inspections , To distinguish between qualified and unqualified products, you can see that our workshop has three colors of frames Blue&Green&Red. Processing products in production are placed in the blue frame, qualified products are placed in the green frame, and unqualified products are placed in the red frame.
5.Final inspection and testing with reports before shipment
                                                 3D Printing  Service 
3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, also known as additive manufacturing. It is a technology to construct objects by printing layer by layer based on digital model files and using bondable materials such as powder metal or plastic
Holy Precision has one of the largest 3D Printing capabilities in the world to fulfill your on-demand manufacturing requirements. From product development to industrial 3D manufacturing, Wenext offers a comprehensive range of services and technologies. Our range of 3D Printing services includes SLA, SLS, MJF, SLM,

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Production And Surface Treatment

We provide various professional Manufacturing(CNC Machining/Milling, Turning), Prototyping, 3D Printing, Metal Sheet Fabrication and Surface Treatment services with multiple material options.
You can find any machining services for example motorcycles parts in our factory. Our management aiming at "Integrity, practicality and innovation" in order to achieve our quality policy of fully satisfying the customer needs.
Why Are We High Quality?
Quality service is our commitment to you. We strive to operate with the highest standards to exceed 
expectations of our customers.

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Holy Precision focus on  manufacturing the parts to meet your requirement.
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At Holy Precision, we provide high-quality cnc machining, rapid prototyping and surface treamtnt services for supporting your projects. We have senior engineers and proficient workers in our team to serve for you in cnc machining milling, rapid prototyping, cnc turning.

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