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What is dry clutch?

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A dry clutch is that part of the engine which engages or disengages power from the engine crankshaft to transmission. A dry clutch is the mechanism with the help of which you change gears. In other words, dry clutch turns on or off power to the rear wheel. Using air to cool the clutch is called a dry clutch. Because dry clutches do not have the resistance of engine oil, they generally respond faster and have a larger bite force. Dry clutches generally use exposed methods to dissipate heat.




What are the features of dry clutch?

What parts does dry clutch consist of?

What are the requirements of dry clutch?


What are the features of dry clutch?

l Dry clutch is very easy to replace as it is outside the case of the bike.

l Oil does not need to circulate for dry clutch, which ultimately eliminates reduction in loss of horse power due to oil circulation in dry clutch. It is the biggest reason why it is used in racing bikes.

l You can use friction modified oils in dry clutch.

l Dry clutch is easier to use but with shorter life.

l Dry clutch has a tendency to grab during engagement which makes take off difficult.

l The dry clutch overheats due to grabbing effect and wears out very fast.

l The same thing makes dry clutch operation less progressive.

l Dry clutch is very noisy like hammering.




What parts does dry clutch consist of?

Clutch basket: It is bowl shaped basket which holds the entire dry clutch assembly. It has teeth on the outer surfaces which fix on the primary drive teeth. It is connected with the transmission and bolted onto the end of clutch shaft.

Clutch hub: It is placed between clutch basket and pressure plate of dry clutch. The clutch plates are mounted. It has teeth at the center hole which rotate with the main shaft, being connected with the engine.

Clutch plate: There are two types of plates in clutch plate. One is friction plate another is steel plate. The friction plate is ring shaped and coated with fiber. It is the wear and tear part of the dry clutch assembly. Steel plate is ring shaped and made of steel or aluminum. The surfaces of plate interface between pressure plate and clutch hub.

Pressure plate: It is the moving part of the dry clutch assembly which works against clutch spring tension. It releases the clamping action on the clutch plates when the clutch lever is engaged.

Clutch springs: These springs continuously hold the friction and steel or aluminum plates through spring tension. It also prevents slippage except when the clutch lever is engaged.

Lever: It is metal rode which pivots on a perch located of the left handlebar, giving input to the dry clutch assembly.

Clutch Cable: The clutch cable is a cable through which the rider’s input passes to the clutch’s internals.




What are the requirements of dry clutch?

The following are considered during the design of the dry clutch:

l The coefficient of friction of contact surface of dry clutch should be high enough to hold the load with a minimum amount of axial force. Dry clutch should not require an external force to carry the burden.

l The moving parts of the dry clutch should be lightweight to minimize the inertia load at high speed.

l Heat generated by dry clutch at contacting surface should dissipate rapidly.

l Dry clutch should have provision for taking up the wear of contact.

l Dry clutch should guard the projecting parts by covering and provide a provision for easy repair.

l The materials of dry clutch should have excellent compatibility with cast iron facing.

l The materials of dry clutch should be chemically inert, oil and moisture have no effect on them.


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