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What is CNC turning parts?

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CNC turning parts is a manufacturing process in which bars of material are held in a chuck and rotated while a tool is fed to the piece to remove material to create the desired shape. A turret with tooling of CNC turning parts attached is programmed to move to the bar of raw material and remove material to create the programmed result. CNC turning parts is also called “subtraction machining” since it involves material removal.


What are the features of CNC turning parts?

What can CNC turning parts be used for?

How about the future development of CNC turning parts?


What are the features of CNC turning parts?

l Accuracy: For many companies, the accuracy of CNC turning parts is one of their most competitive advantages. By incorporating CAD or CAM files into the process, the machine can perform rigorous measurements and eliminate the waste of natural human error. Using advanced CNC turning parts can provide extremely high accuracy, whether it is to produce prototypes or complete the entire production process. Since the CNC turning parts used is programmed, every cut is perfect.

l Flexibility: Flexibility is another benefit of CNC turning parts. CNC turning parts has multiple size functions to meet the flexibility of various applications. Since the tasks performed by CNC turning parts are programmed, the change is relatively simple. By accessing the keyboard, the operator of the machine can complete a component for company and then make the appropriate programming changes to produce something completely different.


l Repeatability: By producing batches of unparalleled accuracy, CNC turning parts can provide excellent repeatability. The company can maximize output and reduce losses.

l Safety: The CNC turning parts is automatic, which means that the operator is present but not on the machine, which can reduce labor intensity. At the same time, the lathe body adopts a fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective device to prevent flying debris from the processed product and reduce the damage to the staff.



What can CNC turning parts be used for?

Due to technological advancements, CNC turning parts is quickly replacing some of the older and more traditionally used production lathes, such as the multi-spindle. CNC turning parts come with a number of benefits. They can be easily set up and operated. CNC turning parts offers tremendous repeatability, along with top-notch accuracy in production.

Thanks to CNC turning parts automation, its use was extended to different industrial sectors such as wind power, aeronautics, and even rail.

The aerospace industry has a long-hared history with CNC turning parts. Metal aircraft components can be machined to a high level of precision, which is essential for safety-critical applications, and the range of engineering metals compatible with CNC turning parts provides aerospace engineers with plenty of options.

The automotive industry regularly uses CNC turning parts for both prototyping and production. Extruded metal can be machined into cylinder blocks, gear boxes, valves, axels, and various other components, while plastic can be machined into components like dashboard panels and gas gauges. CNC turning parts is also useful for creating one-off custom automotive parts and even replacement parts since turnaround times are fast and there is no minimum required part quantity.



How about the future development of CNC turning parts?

As one of the technical equipment supply industries for economic development, the machinery manufacturing industry is also advancing rapidly following the pace of the times. The widespread promotion and application of automation technology have great significance for the entire machinery manufacturing industry.

In today's CNC turning parts factories, CNC turning parts have become more and more intelligent. Many advanced intelligent machining technologies have long been used in leading domestic enterprises. Intelligent CNC turning parts not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also greatly improves product performance.

If the CNC turning parts are to be upgraded intelligently, first of all, we must work hard on the matching of hardware and software. For example, we can collect operating data in the process of CNC turning parts to identify viruses. Only transmit data that meets the customized program to block viruses from attacking the system, which has high security. For CNC turning parts and equipment that cannot be connected to the system, production information can also be collected through a high-definition camera to help judge the production status.


Learn more something about CNC turning parts or CNC machining parts can know the features of CNC turning parts and the future of CNC turning parts. In the process of CNC turning parts development, a number of very powerful companies have emerged, such as Zhongshan Shengguan Hardware Products CO., LTD. Our company knows how to innovate while developing, and will also go out in the process of introducing CNC turning parts.


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