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What is deburring ?

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What is deburring ?

  To understand the question, “what is deburring” you have to understand the meaning of burrs. If you deal with machining parts, you must have come across burrs on your parts at one time or another. Burrs can affect the quality of parts you make and render their surface unsmooth. Therefore, deburring is essential in machining.

  As important as deburring parts is, most fabricators don’t know how it should be done rightly. If you’re looking for a better way to remove your burrs, you’ll find that here. You’ll also learn how burrs occur in machining and how they cause defects in machining.


What is a burr, and how does it affect machining?

  Burrs are small, sharp imperfections on the surface of machined parts. They are what we can call “impurities” affecting the beauty of a smooth machined surface.

  Metal parts pass through a series of processes during production. Some of the processes they pass through include stamping and milling. These processes are meant to shape the machining parts to the desired form. However, they are usually not perfect. It is such imperfections that leave small metal ridges or protrusions on the machined surface. It is these small ridges we call burrs.

  Imagine working so hard to produce a part only to find certain small ridges on the smooth surface; how will such a machined part look? Maybe not too attractive. That is what burrs do to the surface of metal parts. It affects their smoothness and may even be injurious.

  Seeing a smooth surface, a person might decide to handle a machined part without much caution, only to end up injured by burrs on the surface. Burrs compromise the attractiveness and quality of finished parts. Therefore, deburring parts is essential. But what is deburring? It is the process of removing burrs. It helps to eliminate all imperfections on the surface after welding or machining, leaving behind a smooth, quality metal part.


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