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Why choice Sheet metal ?

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  As one of the most adaptable building materials in manufacturing, sheet metal is rightly one of the most important materials of the industrial age. Steel, aluminum, brass, copper, tin, nickel, titanium, or other precious metals are traditionally used to make sheet metal. Thickness varies, but there are two main differences; Sheet and thick plate. Many different industries rely on the versatility and durability of sheet metal, including aerospace, appliance manufacturing, consumer electronics, industrial furniture, machinery, transportation, and more.

  Sheet metal has many advantages over non-metallic alternatives and other metal manufacturing processes. Compared with machining, sheet metal is much cheaper in terms of both processing and material cost. It doesn't have extremely high injection mold costs, which makes sense in mass production.


  As found in machining, instead of starting with expensive blocks of material, much of which is wasted in the milling process of removing unwanted material, sheet metal lets you buy what you need and use what you need with relatively low material waste. Unused boards can be used for other projects, while shavings created during processing need to be discarded and recycled.

  With advances in modern manufacturing technology, automation and new CAD(computer aided design) programs have made sheet metal design easier and easier. CAD programs now have the ability to design in the same materials you intend to manufacture, and will allow programming parts to come directly from the CAD model itself. It is no longer necessary to create a separate set of workshop drawings to explain the design. Perhaps most important, sheet metal has the ability to scale up quickly in a world of mass production. The largest cost of sheet metal fabrication is in the first piece. That's because the costs are all in the setup. Once the setup is complete and the cost is spread over a larger number of parts being manufactured, the price drops substantially, more than most subtractive processes, such as machining.


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