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What types of machines and tools are used in sheet metal fabrication?

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What types of machines and tools are used in sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal manufacturing is a big business in itself. It involves cutting, welding, forming and assembling sheet metal. Before machines and equipment were invented, it was done by manual labor, but today we have highly specialized gears and tools to reduce the workload and achieve more profitable output. As metal manufacturing is a multi-stage process, advanced technology and machine-driven expertise are required to meet growing industry demands.

Machines and Tools are Used in Sheet Metal Fabrication

1. Lathe Machine

This is a multi-purpose machine that is capable of cutting, welding, knurling, drilling, threading, facing and turning. Its main task is to rotate the workpiece to keep the process moving stage by stage.

2. Grinding Machine

These are used to provide smoothness to metal sheets. An abrasive material is rotated at a high speed which removes the extra metal pieces from all the sides and hence provides a polished and smooth surface.

3. Drilling Machine

This is a widely used machine and is found in nearly every household. It is famous for its multi-purpose and easy usage. Other than doing repairing work, it is used for drilling into metal sheets, concrete and cement.

4. Broaching Machine

It is generally of two types – linear and rotator and it is used to remove the material from a workpiece with the help of broach. It supports the ingenious process of sheet production.

5. Shaper Machine

These machines uses a single-point cutting edge, moving linearly, to cut metal sheets in required sixes. They are easy to use and an important part of the sheet production process.

6. Saw Machines

A saw machine consists of a rotating blade that is used to cut metals into two pieces. They give a fine finish and are used in the primary stage of metal sheet fabrication. Hack saw, Circular saw and Band saw are some kinds of them that are widely used.

7. Planer Machine

Planer machine is similar to shaper machines, the only difference being, the cutting tool is static and the workpiece is made to rotate in linear motion. It is usually larger than the shaper machines.]

8. Hobbing Machine

This is an advanced variation of the milling machine. These are special kinds of cutting tools that are used to make spur gears and splines. It is an inexpensive method and extensive in practice.

9. Shearing Machine

They are special kinds of cutting machine that does not form chips or residual materials. These are especially used to cut metal sheets into fine pieces, blanking and piercing.

10. Drill Press

It is a transformed version of the hand drill machine. They are more stable and easily workable. They help in drilling with more accuracy and precession.

11. Press Brake and Cambering Machine

A press brake is used to convert metal sheets into girders, channels, sections and angles. The process is simple, it bends the metal sheets by clamping them in between a punch and a die pair.

A cambering machine, just like a press brake, is used to change the shape of the sheet. But instead of forming sections and beams, it transforms them into vertical and horizontal arcs.

12. Iron Worker

This metal is widely used in metal and steel fabrication as well. It is a vital machine and it can perform several tasks like shearing, notching, cambering, punching, bending flat plates, rods, bars and channels. This one tool can do half of your job and thus it is widely used.

Sheet metal manufacturing is a multi - stage process involving complex structure and operation. These machines help reduce labor costs while saving time and money. Using them for metal fabrication will provide a more stable and refined output. According to the demand to make the corresponding choice, to achieve the maximization of production capacity and quality optimization.

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