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What Is Electroplating ?

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What Is Electroplating ?

The chemical process of electroplating:


  Electroplating is a coating process that has been around since the early 19th century. Although the technology used has improved, the basic process remains the same.

  Electroplating is the coating of one or more layers of metal on an object or material with an electric current. This process is also known as electrodeposition. The result is a thin layer of metal deposited on top of the material. Therefore, the process aims to change the physical properties of the material, also known as the substrate.

  In addition, due to the plating process, the substrate has better aesthetic appeal, corrosion resistance, and increased resistance to wear and tear or increased thickness.


How Does Electroplating Work?

  Electroplating works by dissolving and depositing a metal onto another surface through an electric current. There are four primary components of this process.

  Anode: This is the positively charged electrode used in the circuit. The anode holds the metal used for the plating process.

  Cathode: This is the negatively charged electrode used in the circuit. It holds the material you want to plate, also called the substrate.

  Plating Solution: This is one of the most important metal finishing solutions. It serves as a catalyst facilitating the flow of electricity in the circuit. The plating solution usually contains copper sulfate and one or more metal salts.

  Power Source: The power supply adds current to the circuit. The power source introduces electricity to the system when connected to the anode.


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