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Types of Metal Stamping

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Types of Metal Stamping

  There are four major types of metal stamping – progressive die stamping, four-slide stamping, deep draw stamping, and short run stamping.

Progressive Die Stamping

  Progressive die stamping consists of many stations, each with its function. The metal strip first feds through a progressive stamping press and then unrolls steadily into a die press. This is the stage at which each station performs a distinct cutting, punching, or bending function. Each subsequent station’s actions add to the work of the previous stations, resulting in a completed part.

  This stamping type is perfect for producing metal components with complex geometrical specifications. Progressive die stamping can assist producers with lowering labor costs, accelerating turnaround time, increasing repeatability, and shorting run length.


Fourslide Stamping

  As its name suggests, a fourslide contains four slides. Fourslide stamping allows up to four tools, one per slide, to be used simultaneously to accomplish numerous bends. As material enters a fourslide, each shaft equipped with a tool bends it in rapid succession. 

  Fourslide metal stamping has significant advantages over traditional press stamping, making it an excellent choice for many applications. For example, this stamping type has more flexibility for design changes and versatility for more complex parts.


Deep Draw Stamping

  Deep drawing entails pulling a sheet metal blank into a die and forming it into a shape. When the depth of the drawn part exceeds its diameter, the process is referred to as “deep drawing.” This type of forming is appropriate for producing components that require a series of diameters. Deep draw stamping is a more cost-effective alternative to turning processes, which often consume more raw materials. Deep drawing stamping is commonly used for cookware and utensils, electronic relays, automotive components, and aircraft parts.


Short Run Stamping

  Short run stamping has low upfront tooling costs and is an excellent option for prototypes or small projects. Following the creation of the blank, manufacturers bend, punch, or drill the part using a combination of bespoke tooling components and die inserts. The smaller run sizes and customizable forming operations may lead to a higher per-piece charge. However, the absence of tooling costs may make the process relatively cost-efficient for projects that require a fast turnaround.


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