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The Development of Sheet Metal in China

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                The Development of Sheet Metal in China

    In recent years, our country CNC machining technology is becoming more and more mature, gradually become one of the leading countries in the world CNC machining technology.At the same time, due to the continuous increase in China's infrastructure construction in recent years, China's demand for sheet metal processing is also gradually rising.Let us know about the sheet metal manufacturing industry of China!

What is sheet metal working or sheet metal manufacturing?

    Sheet metal working is a metal working technique. Usually refers to the comprehensive cold deformation processing technology of metal plate, including cutting, stamping/cutting/composite, folding, welding, riveting, splicing, forming, etc., the thickness of metal plate does not change. The corresponding metal processing processes of sheet metal process include casting, forging, machining, etc., and the metal thickness of their products is usually inconsistent.

According to the different processing methods, sheet metal technology is divided into manual sheet metal, stamping, CNC sheet metal. Manual sheet metal is mainly concentrated in automobile repair, art, advertising and other fields. Stamping sheet metal is suitable for a single variety, large yield, small structure, relatively stable product.CNC sheet metal is suitable for small batch, many varieties. A variety of products and sizes.

    Since the ancient bronze and iron, people use various methods of smelting metal materials.With the improvement of smelting technology, they gradually melted sheet metal materials, and learned to use some tools to process these sheet metal materials.This is the embryonic form of sheet metal technology.

The modern history of sheet metal technology is not long. The application of stamping equipment and cold stamping die in the field of sheet metal processing and the popularization of CNC automation equipment are two milestones in the development of sheet metal technology.The former gave birth to stamping, the latter to CNC sheet metal.4.3

Sheet metal processing industry chain

    The main raw materials of sheet metal processing industry are non-ferrous metal alloy plate and thin steel, non-ferrous metal industry and steel industry account for about 40% of the total cost of the industry. In addition, forging machinery and dies are needed to process raw materials into sheet metal products.

As sheet metal products are widely applied in almost all manufacturing industries, including communication electronics industry, automobile manufacturing, motorcycle manufacturing, aero

space industry, instrument industry, household appliances industry, etc. Generally speaking, most of the metal forming parts of various mechanical and electrical products are produced by sheet metal process. However, the stamping process is suitable for mass production, while the CNC sheet metal process is suitable for precision production.

Current situation of sheet metal processing market

    With global economic expansion and industrial adjustment, the global manufacturing industry has been shifting to emerging markets such as Asia and Latin America at an accelerated pace since the 1980s. At present, China has become an important manufacturing base in the world. The rapid development of manufacturing industry and huge market capacity of industrial products drive the development of sheet metal processing industry in our country, and the market demand for sheet metal processing products in our country is very vigorous.

From 2011 to 2020, the market scale of sheet metal processing industry continues to expand; In 2016, the market scale of sheet metal processing industry in China reached 688.5 billion yuan. But in general, sheet metal processing industry started late, the industry scale is generally small, the lack of production and technical personnel. The core competitiveness of enterprises is difficult to form, and the market competition is increasingly fierce.

How will sheet metal processing develop in China in the future?

    Generally speaking, the profit level of sheet metal processing industry mainly depends on product quality and processing accuracy, products and value-added services, downstream user enterprises, upstream raw material prices, etc.

Therefore, with the increasingly high technical content of industry products, the impact of raw material price fluctuations on products is gradually weakened, and the change trend of industry profit level continues to improve.

    At the same time, the change trend of the future profit level mainly depends on the product quality and precision, product value-added service, downstream customer industry and other factors. Enterprises with strong technical strength, high-end customer resources and management advantages in the industry will gain higher industry profit level in the future fierce competition.4.1

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