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Method of deburring

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Method of deburring

  There are different methods to choose from if you wish to deburr metal parts to obtain a smooth finish. Here are few methods on how to remove burrs from metals:

1. Manual deburring

  If you have a small part that you want to deburr, you can opt for the manual deburring method. It is cheaper but slower. You don’t need a big machine to perform manual deburring. All you need is to get some simple tools like deburring knives, sandpaper, files, and other polishing tools. However, this has to be done with skills to not cause more damage to your parts. It is the traditional way of deburring, and it can be stressful. If you have a large part or parts to deburr, adopting the manual deburring method may not be feasible, it may be more challenging.


2. Grinding and rolling

  You need a machine for this type of deburring. Grinding and rolling is a mechanical method of removing burrs, producing a high-quality finish at ease. It is similar to manual deburring but faster and cost-efficient.


3. Electrochemical deburring

  If you make small metal parts with burrs, getting rid of such burrs might be challenging or impossible with other blurring methods. In that case, what you need is electrochemical deburring. You can opt for this method if you have burrs in what seems to be unreachable areas after using other deburring methods.

  Electrochemical deburring uses an electrode that has a similar shape to the edge you want to deburr. As the name sounds, it uses electricity and chemicals to remove burrs. Therefore, to carry out electrochemical deburring, you need an electric current and an electrolyte. You can use either sodium chloride (the table salt) or sodium nitrate as the electrolyte. The solution coupled with the electric current will remove the burrs for you without stress. This method is fast and offers high precision in difficult areas.  


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