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How to use CNC machining parts?

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Computer numerical control refers to manipulating traditional machines by the use of computer systems. CNC machining parts has become common as the use of computers has increased in industrial manufacturing processes. On the surface, it may seem like a simple computer is controlling the machine, but the unique software and control is what really sets the system apart in CNC machining parts. Nowadays, CNC machining parts is found in many industries to aid production as it streamlines the manufacturing process.

What is the working principal of CNC machining parts?

When CNC machining parts is activated, the desired cuts are programmed into the software and dictated to corresponding tools and machinery, which carry out the dimensional tasks as specified, much like a robot.

In CNC machining parts, the code generator within the numerical system will often assume mechanisms are flawless, despite the possibility of errors, which is greater whenever CNC machining parts is directed to cut in more than one direction simultaneously. The placement of a tool in a numerical control system is outlined by a series of inputs known as the part program.

With a numerical control machine, programs are inputted via punch cards. By contrast, the programs for CNC machining parts are fed to computers though small keyboards. CNC machining parts is retained in a computer’s memory. The code itself is written and edited by programmers. Therefore, CNC machining parts offer far more expansive computational capacity. CNC machining parts are by no means static, since newer prompts can be added to pre-existing programs through revised code.

What is the principal of positioning of CNC machining parts?

When using CNC machining parts, the basic principle of positioning is to select a reasonable positioning datum and clamping plan. Pay attention to the following points when using CNC machining parts:

l Strive to unify the CNC machining parts benchmarks of design, process and programming calculations.

l Try to reduce the number of clamping times, and process all the surfaces after positioning and clamping once.

l Avoid the use of machine-occupied manual-adjustable processing schemes to give full play to the effectiveness of CNC machining parts.

CNC machining parts put forward two basic requirements for the fixture. One is to ensure that the coordinate direction of the fixture is relatively fixed with the coordinate direction of the machine tool, the other is to coordinate the size relationship between the part and the machine coordinate system.

l When the batch of parts is not large, modular fixtures, adjustable fixtures and other general fixtures should be used as much as possible to shorten production preparation time and save production costs.

l Only consider the use of special fixtures during mass production, and strive for a simple structure.

l The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable to shorten the machine stop time.

l The parts on the fixture should not hinder the machining of the surface of the parts by the machine tool.

How to use CNC machining parts?

l Reasonable choice of cutting amount of CNC machining parts: For high-efficiency metal cutting processing of CNC machining parts, the processed material, cutting tools, and cutting conditions are the three major elements, which determine the processing time, tool life and processing quality. With the increase in cutting speed, the temperature of the tool tip will rise, which will cause mechanical, chemical, and thermal wear. The user should choose the cutting speed to be used according to the processed material, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed rate, and depth of cut.


l Choose a tool of CNC machining parts reasonably: When rough turning, choose high-strength and durable tools to meet the requirements of large back-grabbing and large feed. When finishing turning, choose tools with high precision and good durability to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy. In order to reduce the tool change time and facilitate tool setting, machine clamped knives and machine clamped blades should be used as much as possible.

l Choose fixtures of CNC machining parts reasonably: Try to use general fixtures of CNC machining parts to clamp the workpiece, avoiding using special fixtures. The part positioning datum coincides to reduce positioning error.

l Determine the processing route of CNC machining parts: The processing route is the movement track and direction of the tool relative to the part during the processing of the index-controlled lathe. It should be able to guarantee the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements of CNC machining parts. The processing route should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the tool idle travel time.

l The excess margin on the blank, especially the margin containing the forged and cast hard skin layers, should be arranged on a normal lathe for processing of CNC machining parts.

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