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How to finish the job by polishing the surface?

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How to finish the job by polishing the surface?

  Generally, polishing involves the use of abrasives to finish the metal surface. It is designed to remove scratches and scratches on finished machined parts while enhancing their shine. The polished surface is as bright as a mirror.

  As mentioned earlier, the polishing process works well on a variety of metal materials. The type of metal to be polished will determine the metal polishing process. For example, automatic or robotic polishing is better for hard metals, while softer metals may require manual polishing and polishing.


  Generally speaking, the polishing process in manufacturing involves the following steps:

Step 1 : Roughing

  CNC machining may involve some welding and joining, leaving some scratches and defects on the metal surface. Therefore, it is necessary to rough the surface to eliminate these defects. This process can be done selectively on certain parts of the component. A rotary track sander can also help rough the surface of the entire part. Grinding small areas may require abrasives of about 32mm in diameter, with grains between 1500 and 3000. On the other hand, discs with a diameter of 150mm and 1200 or 1500 grains are more suitable for larger surfaces.

Step 2: Polish

  Once the roughing step is complete, a quick-cut abrasive used to help brush the affected area or entire part surface. Therefore, the polishing surface treatment process uses wool berets and polishing sponges to help apply the grinding paste. Sponges don't have the same hardness as berets. As a result, we can achieve different finish levels for prototype and custom parts. After the polishing process, microfiber cloths can help effectively clean the surface.


Step 3: Brighten

  The polishing step usually leaves a fine surface after finishing. Therefore, it is essential to illuminate the surface to restore its original or even better appearance. The brightening process also provides even finish throughout the component.

Step 4 Protect

  The ultimate goal of most finishing processes is to obtain more durable and stronger parts. Therefore, it is important to protect the final finish after brightening. Most manufacturers achieve this by applying a protective wax, making the final polished surface more durable.


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