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Top 10 CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers in China


Spain is home to some of the world's best CNC machining parts manufacturers and suppliers.
If we're looking for high-quality CNC parts, Spain is definitely the place.
In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 CNC machining parts manufacturers and suppliers in Spain.
We'll also discuss what sets them apart from other suppliers and what makes them so good at what they do.


Position Company Name Year Established Location (City)

Holy Precision


Guangdong, China

 Worthy Hardware Co Ltd


Guangdong, China 


Junying Metal Manufacturing Co Ltd


Guangdong, China  


Nice Rapid


Guangdong, China


Rapid Direct


Shenzhen, China


  Gensun Precision Machining


Dongguan, China


Wayken Rapid Manufacturing


 Shenzhen, China


Star Rapid


Zhongshan, China


Shank Precision Machining


Hefei, China


XY Global


 Shenzhen, China

● Location: · Guangdong, China
● Year founded: 2000
● The number of employees: 300
Services Offered: Laser cutting, CNC machining, CNC turning, stamping, etc

● Main Industries Covered: Aerospace, defense, industrial equipment


Holy Precision is one of the leading manufacturing companies known for producing perfect-quality CNC machined parts. We offer various services and aim to provide our clients with high-grade raw materials for manufacturing.


We supply CNC machined parts to more than 30 countries across the globe. We have an extensive workplace equipped with all-new innovative machinery and a trained team of professionals. We have a proper setup and working mechanism allowing us to produce high-quality CNC machined parts, followed by other services.


We also have a complete inspection department that provides a detailed analysis of all our final products, making it possible for us to resolve any issues in the final product right on time. Our lead times are also short, and we deliver your product only on the stated date. Whether you wish to have high volumes manufactured or small batches, you can always contact us for them.

Company Advantages:

 No minimum order quantity
● High-quality parts
 Timely delivery
 Rich Production Capacity
Quality Assurance
20 years in the industry
Fast Turnround
● Location: · Guangdong, China
● Year founded: 1997
Services Offered: Precision stamping, surface finishing, CNC milling, CNC turning, and fabrication

● Industries Covered: Automobile, aerospace, mining, defense, etc

Worthy Hardware has been operating in China since 1997, and since the onset of its business, it has been performing very well. The company offers to manufacture highly precise parts manufactured under CNC machining. They have various CNC machines catering to all dimensions and styles regarding precision manufacturing.


Various industries depend on Worthy Hardware to manufacture their parts, and they provide outstanding quality. They offer multiple materials for CNC machining, like copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and many more. So, you can always get in touch with them and have the part manufactured for you right on time.

Company Advantages:

● Supports plenty of industries
● Provides finishing services
● Quick delivery
● Location: Guangdong, China
● Year Founded: 2005
● Services Offered: CNC drilling, CNC milling, CNC turning, 5-axis machining services, rapid prototyping, etc

● Industries Covered: Agriculture, marine, food, electronics, etc


Junying Metal Manufacturing is a big name in the CNC machining industry of China and has been doing wonders. The company is known to provide exceptional services and very premium quality.


Various businesses in China are dependent on this company to source CNC machined parts. Other than CNC machining, the company is known to offer multiple different services as well as finishing services too. They have the latest equipment that provides a very decent final output.


Company Advantages:

● Trained professional

● Variation in materials

● Latest equipment used

● Location: Guangdong, China
● Year Founded: 2012
● Services Offered: Injection molding, CNC machining, die-cast molding, etc

● Main Industries Covered: Medical, consumer goods, transportation, electronics, etc


Nice Rapid is a company operating in China offering various services for manufacturing components. Nice Rapid assists in multiple processes like CNC machines, injection molding, 3D printing, and more.


It covers almost all the industries operational and offers highly precise components of premium quality. They have a huge setup where they have employed trained professionals and engineers followed by well-equipped machinery. They also are open for low-volume production in case any client wishes to have a small quantity produced.


Company Advantages:

● Affordable prices

● Highly finished components

● No minimum order quantity

● Better communication

● Location: Shenzhen, China
● Year Founded: 2009
Services Offered: Injection molding, CNC machining, 3D printing, etc

● Main Industries Covered: Medical devices, robotics, aerospace, automobile, etc


Rapid direct ensures that its clients in different industries always get the most precise form of components. To offer this, they work hard day and night to ensure that the best services are provided at their space featuring high-tech machinery and the best quality material.


The entire team of Rapid Direct works to offer their clients almost all the parts they need, and for this, they have all the CNC services offering 3-axis and 5-axis tooling. Apart from CNC machining services, Rapid Direct is known for its injection molding, 3D printing, and metal sheet fabrication capabilities.

Company Advantages:

● Timely response

● Quick communication

● High-quality output


● Location: Dongguan, China
● Year Founded: 2006
 Services Offered: Die casting, aluminum extrusion, prototyping, surface finishing, CNC machining

● Main Industries Covered: Medical, consumer goods, aerospace, transportation, electronics, etc


Gensun Precision Machining was established in the year 2006 in the province of Dongguan in China, and since then, is offering various industries with its services in precision machining. CNC machining is one of the essential services of various service industries for their production capacities.


CNC machining services offered comprise turning as well as milling and have a 3-axis and 5-axis process provided too. Gensun is known for its most innovative equipment and techniques used in manufacturing components and its consistent customer support. The inspection department here is also very active and keeps a check on the final products as well as the processes.


Company Advantages:

● Strong communication

● After-sales service

● Strict quality inspection

● Various materials offered

● Location: Shenzhen, China
● Year Founded: 2002
● Services Offered: Vacuum casting, rapid tooling, CNC machining, etc

● Main Industries Covered: Medical, commercial, aerospace, transportation, electronics, etc


Wayken Rapid Manufacturing is a well-known name in the CNC machining industry of China. It has been working here for the past 20 years and can deliver some of the best outputs for many sectors. The company offers various services in CNC machining, including CNC milling, CNC drilling, and CNC tooling. Moreover, besides CNC services, the company provides rapid tooling, die casting, and other finding services.


They have a rapid response time and cater to low-volume production. The minimum time they take to produce your component is two weeks, and the maximum time taken is around five weeks. They also check the entire production process and ensure that you get the best quality output.

Company Advantages:

● ISO certified standards

● Minimum lead time

● Quick response time

● Location: Zhongshan, China
● Year Founded: 2005
● Services Offered: Pressure die casting, aluminum extrusion, prototyping, injection molding, CNC machining

Main Industries Covered: Agricultural, medical, consumer goods, electronics, etc


Star Rapid is founded by a European individual who has set some exceptional examples in China. The manufacturer of precision components worldwide is delivered mainly in China, and offering these services using European standards is also a job of Star Rapid.


Precision components could be manufactured for various industries using different methodologies by this company, and multiple benefits could be enjoyed. They are known for their excellent quality materials and quick services. The best part is that they also offer low production volume, which is quite rarely seen to be provided by most manufacturers.


Company Advantages:

● Affordable components

● Strict compliance and inspection

● Quick delivery

● Location: Hefei, China
● Year Founded: 2005
● Services Offered: 4- axis CNC machining, CNC lathing, surface drilling, grinding machines

Main Industries Covered: Automobile, aerospace, agriculture, medical, etc


Shank Precision Machining is a manufacturer in China offering components based on customized orders. Clients from various industries get in touch with this company and tell them their demands. The manufacturers create a design that is the most suitable choice and discuss that with the client, and then it is sent for manufacturing.


They have plenty of equipment that helps offer the best outcomes, and along with this, the quick output is what this company is known for. The company has a team of experienced engineers providing the most fantastic skills they possess. Choosing Shank Precision is good if you are looking for highly precise parts for your assembling processes.

Company Advantages:

● No minimum order quantity

● Quick delivery

● Affordable prices

● Distributed components to various countries

● Location: Shenzhen, China
● Year Founded: 2005

Services Offered: Injection molding, CNC lathing, die casting, etc

Main Industries Covered: Telecommunication, electric appliances, medical, etc


XY Global has been producing CNC machined parts for most industries, and they have the latest equipment to carry out this task. Their team has extensive knowledge and training, and based on that, they deliver the finest products.


XY Global is not only active in China. It has customers worldwide and tends to offer high-quality, precise parts covering all high and low volumes for its clients.

Company Advantages:

● No minimum order limit

● Timely delivery

● Finishing services

● Quick communication

By going through the article above, you must have known about the top 10 manufacturers and suppliers of CNC machined parts in China. Every detail is being shared so that when you need to take services from them in the future, you can always have the best choices available to deal with.
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