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Top 10 CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers in Australia

CNC machined parts in Australia are of prime quality. Various manufacturers offer some perfectly manufactured CNC machined parts to various industries. It won't be wrong to say that Australia holds a significant position globally regarding CNC machined parts. Hence, choosing manufacturers and suppliers based in Australia would be a great decision.

These manufacturers have created significance by employing trained staff and implementing the latest technology machinery to provide quick and optimal output. Here you will find a detailed insight into the top 10 manufacturers and suppliers in Australia that offer CNC machined parts.


Position Company Name Year Established Location (City)
1 HolyPrecision 2000 Guangdong, China
2 ZEAL 3D 2014 Sydney, Australia
3 DMMeng 1987 Melbourne, Australia
4 Challenge Engineering 2006 South Granville, Australia
5 CNC Machine Engineering 1982 Brisbane, Australia
6 APEM   New South Wales, Australia
7 Redline Engineering 1969 Australia
8 Axiom Precision Manufacturing 1979 Wingfield, Australia
9 JKS Machining 2015 Australia
10 Precise Machining 1971 Australia
1. HolyPrecision
● Location: Guangdong, China
● Year founded: 2000
● The number of employees: 300
● Services Offered: Laser cutting, CNC machining, CNC turning, stamping, etc
● Main Industries Covered: Aerospace, defense, industrial equipment

At Holy Precision, when it comes to CNC machined parts, you always get the best quality material and on-time delivery. We aim to provide our clients with an exact part suitable for their manufacturing in the best possible way. We understand the significance of these CNC machined parts in assembling the different equipment used in the defense industry or airplanes. Hence, we ensure perfection by offering high-end materials followed by innovative production techniques.

We at Holy Precision have employed a workforce of 300 employees. Our innovative machinery offers a combination of the best quality and on time output. Understanding clients' time frames, we ensure that we provide them with their products before the date decided so they can move forward with their production. In addition, we have no minimum order quantity limits, so even if you want to get small volumes of CNC machined parts, you can have them from us.

Company Advantages:
● High-end material
● No minimum order quantity
● Trained professionals
● Best technology machinery
● Highly precise parts
● On-time delivery
Year Established: 2014
Location: Sydney, Australia
Company Type: Manufacturing
Services Offered: Injection molding, CNC machining, Laser Cutting, 3D printing
Main Industries Covered: Automobile, aerospace, food and beverage, defense, and architectural

Zeal 3D is one of the giants to have a look at when CNC machining services are needed. They have been in the business for many years and serve various industries in Australia. Apart from playing a critical role in the CNC machining services of Australia, they are also known to supply CNC machined parts to other countries across the globe.

They offer CNC machining services of manufacturing the parts from scratch and also provide finishing components through CNC machining. Here you can have CNC parts from materials like metal, plastics, and some composite materials. Zeal 3D is an ISO-certified manufacturing company that offers various other services like 3D printing, injection molding, laser cutting, fabrication, and many more, followed by CNC machining.
Company Advantages:
● Offers a variety of materials
● Experienced team of engineers
● ISO certified company
● Consistent inspection of components
Year Established: 1987
● Location: Melbourne, Australia
Company Type: Manufacturing
Services Offered: CNC machining, welding services, repairs and maintenance of plant and machinery, fabrication, etc.
Main Industries Covered: Sand mining, coal mining, food and beverage, forestry, and oil and gas.
DMMeng has been operational since 1987, and with years of experience, it has created a very impactful presence in Australia. They have a team of expert engineers who constantly look for new and improved methods that allow them to boost the quality of CNC machine parts produced at their factories.

The main aim of DMMeng is to provide its clients with high-quality products in the given time. They ensure the delivery of the products according to the specifications laid down by their clients. Highly precise parts can be sourced from DMMeng and offer customized solutions using different materials.

Company Advantages:
●High-quality, precise parts
●Affordable pricing
●No limits on the quantity
Year Established: 2006
Location: South Granville, Australia
Company Type: Manufacturing
Services Offered: CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC lathing, prototyping.
Main Industries Covered: Mining, defense, transportation, construction, etc.

Leading CNC machining services always provide optimal output, and when it comes to choosing that leading manufacturer in Australia, the idea of selecting Challenge Engineering is always great.

Challenge Engineering has been leading the CNC market in Australia since 2006. They have implemented a very precise and discrete method in which they tend to manufacture these parts. They work in line with their clients and, after having a detailed discussion with them, make the best use of their latest machineries and multiple-axis CNC machining services to produce precise parts. The company follows various techniques for CNC machines starting from lathing, milling, broaching, and prototyping.

Company Advantages:
● Various options for raw materials
● Effective communication
● Offers customization
● Finishing of CNC machined parts
Year Established: 1982
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Company Type: Manufacturing
Services Offered: Design and drafting, CNC machining, welding and fabrication etc.
Main Industries Covered: Mining, architecture, oil and gas, infrastructure, aerospace, and defense.

CNC Machine Engineering has been operational in Brisbane, Australia, since 1982, and with so much of its years spent in this field, they are now said to be the pioneers of precision parts. The services and products offered by this company using CNC machining are observed in various industries in Australia. The mining industry, oil and gas, defense aerospace, and many more are dependent on it for their components.
Their aim lies in delivering services up to the mark and even in line with the innovations. So along with 3-axis, the 5-axis CNC machined precision parts are manufactured here. The timely delivery and highly versatile manufacturing capability of this company are commendable.

Company Advantages:
● Covers various industries
● Highly optimized parts
● Immediate response
● Location: New South Wales, Australia
Company Type: Manufacturing
Services Offered: Fabrication, repairs, CNC machining
● Main industries: Power sector, food, and packaging, automobile, aerospace, etc
APEM is one of the leading companies offering commendable services in the field of precision parts manufacturing in Australia. This company has targeted almost all industries in Australia and delivers high-quality precision parts.
It offers various services, including CNC milling, CNC turning, and even repairs and finishing of the CNC parts, which this manufacturing company also carries. The best part is that when dealing with APEM, no matter if you need smaller parts manufactured or larger ones, you can get it done without any trouble and that too at very reasonable pricing.

Company Advantages:
● Offers short as well as large runs
● Choice of raw materials
● Experienced team
● Latest equipment
Year Established: 1969
Location: Australia
Company Type: Manufacturing
Services Offered: CNC milling, CNC turning, precision machining, assembly manufacture
Main industries Covered: Automobile, wind energy, rail transport, mining, etc
Redline Engineering has been working in the field of manufacturing components and parts that require high precision from the year 1969. These parts are usually manufactured for various industries comprising transport, aerospace mining, and even the energy sector. The significance of perfection in such parts may never be neglected; hence, Redline Engineering takes extensive care.

The methodologies followed in this company are always up to the mark, and the latest manufacturing processes for CNC machining are also used. They have high-tech machinery and trained engineers who design the components in the software and then send it further for production.
Company Advantages:
● Excellent designing
● Latest methodologies
● High-quality material selection
● No minimum order quantity
● Year Established: 1979
● Location: Wingfield, Australia
● Company Type: Manufacturing
● Services Offered: Injection molding, prototyping, CNC machining, designing
● Main industries Covered: Rail, energy, medical device, defense, and many more

Axiom Precision Manufacturing offers CNC machining all over Australia. The CNC machining service this company provides is always up to the mark. Many industries are dependent on this company for the manufacturing of their components, small as well as big.

This manufacturing company has a prevalent research and development department followed by a strict quality inspection. Hence, the clients who place their CNC machined part orders here trust them for their final outputs. Components of all styles, materials, and dimensions are manufactured here and even finished to perfection.

Company Advantages:
● Quick turnaround time
● Detailed components manufacturing
● Better designs
● Year Established: 2015●Location: Australia
● Company Type: Manufacturing
● Services Offered: Rapid prototyping, pressure die casting, injection molding, CNC machining, etc.
● Main Industries Covered: Aerospace, electronics, customized car parts, etc.

JKS Machining has been working in Australia since 2015. It has covered various markets and industries in Australia and is known to deliver the best quality CNC machined parts at a very competitive price.

JKS is a full-fledged CNC machining component manufacturer and works from scratch with its clients. The task of manufacturing these parts starts with the design created in the software and goes to the final finishing. The final component is handed over to the inspection team and the client. They are known for their high-quality products and timely deliveries.

Company Advantages:
● Offers numerous CNC machining services
● Premium quality material
● Immediate response
● Year Established: 1971
● Location: Australia
● Company Type: Manufacturing
● Services Offered: Metal mold casting, bowl casting, CNC machining
● Main Industries Covered: Automobile, aerospace, medical, defense, and many more.

Precise Machining is one of the giants that has been in the entry of manufacturing precise components from the year 1971. They have given a lot of experience and high quality to various industries that operate in Australia.

This company holds a very extensive CNC machining department that offers the manufacture of components using 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis machines. They also have a small batch CNC machine that caters to a limited quantity, and if you want to manufacture your bulk order, you can get that done as well. They also provide their clients with inspection reports, are available after the project has been completed, and are even known for their excellent after-sales service.

Company Advantages:
● Offers multi-axis CNC machining service
● Handles small orders along with bulk ones
● Supports after-sales service

So, it is quite eminent that you must have now learnt about the top 10 manufacturers and suppliers of CNC machined parts in Australia, and when you need them in the future, you will look forward to them.
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