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Working principle of CNC turning parts

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CNC turning parts is a kind of machining process, which is an accurate representation of digital blueprint generated by computer.CNC turning parts provides a fast and reliable tool for industry, which can accurately process customized parts, thus eliminating unnecessary materials to form the required shapes.

• How does CNC turning parts work?

• What is the function of NC turning parts?

How does CNC turning parts work?

CNC turning parts are typically designed using modern carbide dies and processes. Tool paths of machine tools are usually programmed by CAD or CAM process. However, programmers can also manually design parts or tool paths. The generated G code computer file is then uploaded to the CNC machine tool, and then the machine will automatically generate the required parts for programming. CNC turning parts are controlled by the menu interface on the computer. Operators who manage CNC turning parts can actually see the visual simulation of how the machine will work in the production stage. The computer saved the commands for the places we need to cut. On this basis, the instruction is converted into the language of CNC machine tool. This device now knows where to cut it. It commands the motor to run accurately at a fixed frequency. Ball screw helps to convert rotary motion into linear motion.

Then, the CNC turning parts reach the accurate position and start cutting. According to the computer's command, CNC turning parts are cut at the correct position we need to cut.

What is the function of CNC turning parts?

1.Speed up: This is actually the most applicable when using carbide tools. When you increase the speed per minute, you will ensure that the contact time between the material and the tip of CNC turning parts is short, and at the same time, it will reduce the edge accumulation on the cutting tools of CNC turning parts, which will lead to poor surface finish.

2.Reducing feed rate: Reducing feed rate is helpful to improve surface finish, reduce tool face wear and prolong the service life of CNC turning parts. For roughing applications, it is best to use tools with high feed rate to remove materials quickly. For finishing, it is best to have a lower feed rate and a shallower cut.

3.Increasing the rake angle of CNC turning parts: A positive rake angle will lead to finer surface finish, which requires lower cutting force. Machining CNC turning parts with 45 milling cutter may bend the parts. The 90-degree cutting machine of CNC turning parts will produce cutting force parallel to the workpiece, which will not bend it and produce smoother surface finish.

4.Accuracy: For many companies, the accuracy of CNC turning parts is one of their most competitive advantages. CNC turning parts can be measured strictly, eliminating the waste of natural human error.

5.Repeatability: CNC turning parts can provide excellent repeatability by producing unparalleled precision batches.

During the development of CNC turning parts, a number of powerful companies emerged, such as Holy Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. It is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for customers in different industries.

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