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What types of CNC turning are there and what constitutes them?

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CNC turning refers to the process method of digitally controlled lathe processing. On the basis of traditional lathes, CNC system and drive system are added to form CNC lathes. CNC lathes can be roughly divided into economical CNC lathes, full-featured CNC lathes and turn-milling machines It has the characteristics of automation, high precision, high efficiency and good versatility; it is suitable for complex parts and mass production. CNC lathes are generally divided into two categories: horizontal (horizontal guides and inclined guides) and vertical. CNC lathes equipped with multi-station turrets or power turrets are also called turning centers or turn-milling complexes. Compensation, circular interpolation and other compensation functions. The CNC lathe is generally composed of three parts: the main body of the lathe, the data device and the servo system. The main body of the lathe refers to the mechanical structure of the lathe, including the main shaft, the guide rail, the mechanical transmission mechanism, the automatic rotating tool holder, the detection feedback device and the tool setting device. Numerical control device, the core of the numerical control device is the computer and its software. Its main function is to receive various information sent by the processing program, and after processing and deployment, it sends an execution command to the driving mechanism. During the execution process, its driving, detection, etc. At the same time, the mechanism feeds back the relevant information to the numerical control device, so as to issue a new execution command after processing. Servo system is the execution system of numerical control device instructions, and the main source of power and feed movement. It is mainly composed of servo motor and its controller. In general, CNC lathes use digital symbols and information to automatically control the movement and processing of the machine tool.

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