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What should you pay attention to when choosing parts for motorcycles?

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1. Chain For most motorcycles, the chain is still a relatively common transmission device. It is used in conjunction with the front and rear sprockets, so it must be replaced in a complete set when replacing the chain. When choosing a chain, you can choose a better oil seal chain, but you cannot change the specifications at will. In order to reduce the frequency of adjustment and maintenance of the chain, some riders will use some large gauges... 3. Tires There are various types of motorcycle tires, and even maintenance workers may not be able to tell the real difference between them. Under this premise, as ordinary users, it will be easier for us to get into the pit, so the simple way to avoid entering the misunderstanding is to Don't blindly follow the trend and choose tires that are not suitable for your model. Such as semi-hot-melt tires, which... 4. Pull the wire At this stage, motorcycle cables mainly include clutch cables and accelerator cables. When choosing such consumables, try to consider them. It is better not to choose the cheap cables from roadside repair shops for the slightly more expensive products. There is a multiple difference in price, but after some supporting cables are installed, the wiring will be more regular, there will be no safety hazards, and the hand will feel lighter and the service life will be longer. 5. Bulbs The bulbs of motorcycles are mainly halogen and LED. Strictly speaking, these two types of bulbs are not good or bad in an absolute sense, but because LED has become the mainstream at this stage, many friends like to change halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. In this process, many riders will ignore the issue of power. Once the high power is mistakenly selected in this process, the probability of burning the switch and the circuit will increase in the later stage, so try not to exceed the specification when choosing. The above are some precautions and suggestions for the selection of commonly used consumables for motorcycles. The general principle in this process is to choose according to needs, but it should be reasonable and cautious, and should not exceed the specifications. It should not only pay attention to cost performance, but also consider practicability, and neither change it at will , but also to meet individual requirements without affecting the vehicle.

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