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What precision parts can CNC machining make?

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CNC lathes are mainly suitable for processing parts with complex shapes that are difficult to process by ordinary lathes, or parts that can be processed by ordinary lathes but require complex or high-cost tooling, and parts that require relatively skilled operators. As well as high-precision, large or valuable parts, scientific research, trial production or parts that may be adjusted in size and shape many times. 1. A variety of small and medium batch parts. With the gradual decline of the manufacturing cost of CNC machine tools, the situation of processing large quantities of parts has also emerged, whether at home or abroad. When processing small batches and single-piece production, it is also possible to shorten the debugging time of the program and the preparation time of the tooling. 2. Parts with high precision requirements. The CNC machine tool has good rigidity, high manufacturing precision, accurate tool setting, and can easily perform dimensional compensation, so it can process parts with high dimensional accuracy requirements. 3. Parts with small surface roughness values. In the case of constant workpiece and tool material, finishing allowance and tool angle, the surface roughness depends on the cutting speed and feed rate. The CNC lathe has the function of constant line speed cutting. The same line speed can be used when the end face and the crocodile are cut with different diameters to ensure that the surface roughness value is small and consistent. When machining surfaces with different surface roughness, a small feed rate is selected for the surface with small roughness, and a larger feed rate is selected for the surface with large roughness, and the variability is very good, which is difficult to achieve in ordinary machine tools. 4. Parts with complex contour shapes. Any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or a circular arc. The CNC machine tool has the function of circular interpolation, which can process parts with various complex contours. 5. Expensive parts, although the production volume of such parts is not large, if they are scrapped due to errors in processing, it will cause huge economic losses.

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