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What is the most important part of a motorcycle?

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What is the most important part of a motorcycle?

All motorcycle owners should be familiar with their cycle parts. Motorcycle parts knowledge entails the functions of the parts, selection of the right parts based on motorcycle model and riding habits as well as the maintenance of parts. Proper maintenance of your motorcycle is not only crucial to your safety but it can also save your money by extending the life of certain parts. A helmet and jacket can help protect you in a fall but properly maintained, quality parts can be the difference between life and death. All it takes is one malfunction to cause a fatal accident.

Motorcycle Maintenance Tips:

Here are some motorcycle parts to check regularly as well as maintenance tips:

1. Brakes

Brakes are obviously one of the most important components to your motorcycle. Your bike might use one of two types of brakes, drum or disc. Disc brakes tend to be used for bigger bikes and slippery roads.

A bike has two brake fluid reservoirs, one for the front and one for the back. Like an automobile, both reservoirs should be checked regularly.

It is also important to check that your brake pads don’t get wear too thin. Thin pads can damage the brake disc and result in an expensive trip to your auto repair shop.

2. Bike Chains

Your motorcycle’s chain should never be too tight. Always allow for about an inch worth of slack between the two sprockets. Chain maintenance is crucial to the upkeep of any bike and keeping them clean is of the utmost importance. Plan to lubricate them regularly and try to remember to do this every time you fill up for gas.

3. Tires

Tire pressure is the most common cause of motorcycle break downs. Under-inflated tires tend to generate more heat, which wears them out more rapidly and can lead to a blowout.

When the depth of the tread wears down to 1-2 mm, it is time to replace your tires.

4. Oil

Proper oil maintenance keeps your bike in proper working order. Regular oil and filter changes can extend the life of many parts as well as the bike itself. An under-filled oil level can lead to disaster which means the oil level should always be kept at a high or maximum level. However, it is important to note that the air cleaner can fill with oil if the oil tank is overfilled.

Conduct oil checks when the bike hasn’t been used and the oil is cool. Also, remember to replace the oil filter every oil change.

5. Battery

Batteries do not need to be checked as often as the other parts, only about once a month, but they are often neglected due to their inconvenient positioning. The fluid level on each chamber of the battery should be checked and filled if low. Only distilled or deionized water should be used. Tap water is contaminated with minerals that can harm the battery and could cause it to stop working.

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