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What is the future of CNC machining parts?

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CNC machining parts is a high-precision, high-efficiency automatic machine tool that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and cutters. CNC machining parts is also a high-tech machining method for precision hardware parts, which can process various types of materials. CNC machining parts is an effective way to solve the problems of variable varieties, small batches, complex shapes, and high precision of aerospace products to achieve high-efficiency and automated processing.


What techniques do CNC machining parts have?

Turning of CNC machining parts: Turning simply involves clamping a workpiece firmly onto a rotating plate or mandrel. As the workpiece spins, the cutting tool is held against it in a fixture mounted on a moving slide. The slide can be moved up and down the length of the workpiece, as well as closer to or away from the center line. This simple action is ideal for removing large amounts of material quickly. In addition, a drill bit mounted on the tailstock of CNC machining parts can bore precise holes down the centerline of the workpiece.


Milling of CNC machining parts: Milling differs fundamentally from turning in that the workpiece is held stationary and the cutting tool rotates on a spindle. The workpiece is usually held horizontally in a machine vise, mounted on a table that moves in the X and Y directions. The spindle holds a variety of cutting tools and moves in the X, Y and Z axes. Although a mill can also drill holes and bores, it excels at removing stock from more complex and asymmetrical parts. Milling and turning are responsible for the majority of CNC machining parts.

Surface grinding of CNC machining parts: Making a very flat surface on metal parts is important for many applications and the best way to make such a precise surface is with a grinder. The grinder is a spinning disk covered with an abrasive grit of a specific coarseness. The workpiece is mounted on a table and is moved back and forth laterally beneath the abrasive wheel or is sometimes held firm while the wheel moves.


What are the stages of CNC machining parts?

CNC machining parts is generally for the processing and production of parts of precision machinery, which requires very high accuracy so that we must understand the process of CNC machining parts.

1. Rough machining: The stage of CNC machining parts is to increase productivity. Most of the machining allowance of each machining surface is cut off, and a fine datum is processed.

2. Semi-finish machining: The stage of CNC machining parts mainly removes the defects that may occur after rough machining, as well as completing the processing of the secondary surface. A certain degree of machining accuracy must be achieved in order to prepare for the finishing stage and ensure proper finishing allowance.

3. Finishing: In the finishing stage of CNC machining parts, high cutting speed, together with small feed rate and cutting depth are mainly used. The machining allowance left by semi-finishing cutting is used to make the surface of precision mechanical parts meet the technical requirements of the drawings.

4. Finishing processing: This stage of CNC machining parts mainly used to reduce surface roughness or strengthen the processed surface. It is mainly used for surface roughness and high-demand surface processing.

5. Ultra-precision machining: this stage of CNC machining parts mainly use precision cutting, precision mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing to make the workpiece processing accuracy within 0.1-0.01 µm. The surface roughness value is less than or equal to 0.001 µm.


What is the future of CNC machining parts?

As one of the technical equipment supply industries for economic development, the machinery manufacturing industry is also advancing rapidly following the pace of the times. Major enterprises have attached great importance to the development of new mechanical products. The widespread promotion and application of automation technology have great significance for the entire machinery manufacturing industry.

In today's CNC machining parts factories, CNC machining parts have become more and more intelligent. Many advanced intelligent machining technologies have long been used in leading domestic enterprises. Intelligent CNC machining parts not only greatly improves production efficiency, but also greatly improves product performance.

If the CNC machining parts are to be upgraded intelligently, first of all, we must work hard on the matching of hardware and software. For example, we can collect operating data in the process of CNC machining parts to identify viruses. Only transmit data that meets the customized program to block viruses from attacking the system, which has high security. For CNC machining parts and equipment that cannot be connected to the system, production information can also be collected through a high-definition camera to help judge the production status.


Learn more something about CNC machining parts can know the stages of CNC machining parts and the future of CNC machining parts. In the process of CNC machining parts development, a number of very powerful companies have emerged, such as Holy Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited. Our company knows how to innovate while developing, and will also go out in the process of introducing CNC machining parts. In addition, we also have CNC Mouldand CNC Turning.

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