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What is the difference between fiber laser cutting and yag laser cutting?

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While you may be initially searching for YAG laser cutting now, what you’ll find is that a fiber laser cutting offers greater functionality and more benefits. With the advances in the industry, YAG laser cutting has become outdated, and the best way to improve your facility’s marking capabilities is by investing in fiber laser cutting rather than YAG laser cutting.

• What is the difference between fiber laser cutting and yag laser cutting?

• What is the difference between CO₂ laser cutting and fiber laser cutting?

• What are the features of yag laser cutting?

What is the difference between fiber laser cutting and yag laser cutting?

YAG laser cutting is also known as flash lamp or lamp-pumped lasers, as they utilize a lamp as a pumping mechanism. Both reside in an optical resonator, typically a gold-plated cavity, which provides reflection of the light and helps with the process of creating the laser light.

Though customers still utilize YAG laser cutting in manufacturing, this laser design is becoming obsolete because the bulbs have a short lifespan and require frequent replacement. They are inefficient and create a large amount of heat, which then require water-cooling measures. These problems make the flash lamp and YAG laser cutting very maintenance intensive.

Unlike YAG laser cutting, fiber laser cutting utilize semiconductor diodes as the pumping mechanism and a doped fiber optic cable as the gain medium. In fiber laser cutting, the doped fiber optic serves as the resonator. Fiber laser cutting is the most reliable laser technology available today for material processing applications, offering the best combination of reliability and marking capability.

Fiber laser cutting is typically available in two different configurations in the laser marking industry: Q-Switched or MOPA. Q-Switched fiber laser cutting is reliable and powerful, but have limited flexibility compared to MOPA laser engines.

What is the difference between CO₂ laser cutting and fiber laser cutting?

CO₂ laser cutting works by focusing a high-intensity infrared laser beam through a series of mirrors and out through a nozzle. Even though CO₂ laser cutting is an older cutting method, several features of the CO₂ laser cutting drive its continued popularity for industrial welding and cutting.

CO₂ laser cutting is best for fine features and acute angles, and typically uses two axes and a moveable table to create the cut. Thanks to improvements in technology, quality and control, the CO₂ laser cutting delivers better cut edge quality than fiber on thicker surfaces.

Fiber laser cutting is a more recent technology and has grown dramatically in popularity, partly due to its superior quality when cutting thinner material.

Where CO₂ laser cutting uses a focused light beam, fiber laser cutting uses a bank of diodes to create the beam, which is then focused through a fiber-optic cable. Cutting speeds are generally much faster with fiber, and the process yields fine cuts with precision quality. However, fiber laser cutting does have a few big drawbacks that more intricate jobs may significantly reduce cutting speed, requiring specific safety measures to prevent long-term eye damage.

A fiber laser cutting machines can be less expensive than CO₂ laser cutting machines. Because solid-state setup of fiber laser cutting machine doesn’t require the mirrors and other equipment needed of CO₂ laser cutting machine.

What are the features of yag laser cutting?

Unlike CO₂ laser cutting, YAG laser cutting is compatible with only a limited number of materials. Because of its small wavelength, YAG laser cutting can mark many different types of metal, and a few plastics, but the effectiveness of CO₂ laser cutting on standard products is almost non-existent. You will typically only find YAG laser cutting in industrial applications, with personalization applications limited mostly to high volume marking of products like ballpoint pens. A lot of stainless-steel products that require laser marking and marking with YAG laser cutting is very expensive.

• YAG laser cutting engraves into metal.

• YAG laser cutting is faster than CO₂ laser cutting when set up as a galvo system.

• Setup time of YAG laser cutting for artwork can be very lengthy, especially when engraving graphics.

• YAG laser cutting does not work well on organic materials.

• YAG laser cutting is expensive to purchase and costly to maintain.

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