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What is the difference between CNC part machining and mold machining?

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1. Different styles: (1) The mold is like making a painting. It is very beautiful, detailed and complex. You will always come into contact with different paintings and different styles. Making a product is like drawing an egg by Da Vinci, drawing a circle or a box every day, repeating and monotonous, but what we need to do is to ensure that each egg is drawn exactly the same, and how to draw more in the shortest time. There are too many eggs, what measures are used to ensure that the drawing is not wrong, and so on. (2) The general development of products is to start your own business, or to engage in technology, to be technicians, engineers, etc., or to engage in management, from the line of monitor, dispatch, and director. Specific other quality inspections will not be involved. Every friend who makes a product must have his own plan before entering the business, so that you have a goal, and you won’t be able to do it day by day. 2. Different time: (1) The complexity of product programming is significantly lower than that of mold tools. The wages for making products are fast, and the skills can be learned from making molds. You have to start from the basics, understand how to do it, and get away from reality, no matter how good the theory is, it is not the best. It is necessary to learn to use CNC programming software to automatically program, and some complex processes still need to be programmed through a computer. (2) From the perspective of learning content, product programming includes 2D and 3D software modeling, product case programming, and mold programming will also add computer programming courses such as electrode removal, electrode programming, and mold core programming. In terms of learning time, it takes 2-3 months for products and 4-5 months for molds.

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