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What is the difference between 3D printing parts and CNC machining parts?

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Both CNC machining parts and 3D printing parts are exceptional tools in the arsenal of an engineer. The unique benefits of CNC machining parts and 3D printing parts make each more suitable for different situations though. CNC machining parts is not a new technology, but 3D printing parts is. 3D printing parts has increased popularity amongst the technophiles. This is because 3D printing parts can perform many functions, which is becoming widely popular in the production environment. However, this does not mean that CNC machining parts is fading in the background.

 What is the difference between 3D printing parts and CNC machining parts?

CNC machining parts is older than 3D printing parts that was introduced in 1986. 3D printing parts is relatively new and has become more versatile and accessible. 3D printing parts can help in prototyping, but it is not made as a replacement for CNC machining parts.

The major difference between CNC machining parts and 3D printing parts is their different processes. In CNC machining parts, a machine is usually fed with a big chunk of material where it is subtracted to produce the desired product. 3D printing parts is an additive process, meaning, a part is built manufactured by addition of materials in layers one after the other.

The matter that differentiates CNC machining parts from 3D printing parts is that it offers creative freedom and the flexibility in materials. The materials are various, such as metal alloys like steel, brass, aluminum and so on. 3D printing parts used materials that are softer in nature like thermoplastics and resins. Individual printers are specific to one material alone.

CNC machining parts are equipped with tools that make secondary finishing easy. CNC machining parts is ideal for volume production that needs quality finishing. 3D printing parts is becoming the preferred choice, which is quite in demand for manufacturing custom pieces. The products from 3D printing parts require hand finishing after they are produced.

What are the features of 3D printing parts?

The 3D printing parts is not a new technology as it was invented in the 1980s. However, 3D printing parts has only been in the last few decades where manufacturers have been making great strides in using 3D printing parts in their processes. This method is called additive manufacturing where a material is added onto itself to create the finished component, part or end product.

Similar to CNC machining parts, 3D printing parts also uses a CAD machine to create

a model file. Then a program takes the 3D model and slices it into 2D layers as it produces a G-code file that has the manufacturing instructions. This G-code file is then sent to the 3D printer to create the physical product.

图片1l Component complexity: 3D printing parts can make extremely complex geometries from a single material because of its additive manufacturing process.

l Flexibility: The 3D printing parts is very flexible when being used for small volume runs.

l Customization options: 3D printing parts excels when making unique, customized parts for niche industries such as art, jewelry and medical.

l Cost-effective for small quantities: 3D printing parts per-unit prices stay stable for smaller quantity runs.

l Ideal for prototyping and smaller runs: 3D printing can speed up prototyping and smaller production runs.

l Less waste: Since 3D printing parts is an additive manufacturing process, it only uses the exact amount of material necessary to make the product.

What can 3D printing parts be used for?

Efficiently make one-off parts and create highly complex geometries that are only possible with 3D printing parts.

图片2Architecture: Conveying complex architectural concepts to clients can be a challenge. 3D printing parts means that early designs can be evaluated, complicated ideas communicated, and striking architectural concepts showcased with ease. Model-making times shrink from months to days, and even complex geometries can be printed, offering architects even greater creative scope.

Medical: 3D printing parts mean that medical professionals can bring patient scans to life. Identifying exactly what is required prior to performing a procedure, which results in less time under anesthetic for the patient and reduces costs involved with the operation. 3D printing parts can indirectly care for sick and disabled people, printing out artifacts ranging from assistive devices to near-functional human hearts.

Usually, mass-producing a complex machine means manufacturing a million different parts. 3D-printing parts makes intricate designs simple to produce. 3D printing parts has been a boon to the aeronautics industry. The process of manufacturing jet and rocket engines often involves 3D printing parts.


Learn more something about 3D printing parts can know the difference between CNC machining parts and 3D printing parts and the uses of 3D printing parts. In the process of 3D printing parts development, a number of very powerful companies have emerged, such as Holy Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited . Whether from quality or price, or delivery time, we can help customers to open up a further and larger market, it is wise to choose us as your business partner. 


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