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What industries require sheet metal parts?

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What industries require sheet metal parts?

    Sheet metal fabrication is the process of creating metal structures by cutting, bending, and welding sheet metal pieces.The end product can be as simple as an electrical box or as complex as an airplane wing.

1. Construction

    Construction is a large industry that includes many types of buildings. Sheet metal products are not only used on the exterior of the building, but also on the interior of the building. For example, a building made of reinforced concrete needs to use steel as a support. This type of structure is usually suitable for high-rise buildings, such as apartments, office buildings and even skyscrapers, because of its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and high durability.

But nuts, bolts, screws and nails used in all aspects of the construction industry are also critical. These are made of sheet metal, without which the building cannot be finished.


2. The auto industry

    Cars and other motor vehicles such as motorcycles are made of large amounts of metal. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper only make car frames, doors, engines, etc. The malleability and formability of many sheet metals makes them ideal materials for the automotive industry, as sheets can be shaped in any way using different molds while still maintaining their characteristics and integrity.


3. Transportation

    The public and commercial transportation sectors have long relied on prefabricated sheet metal - just look at any bus, tram or train and you'll notice metal immediately. Whether it's the vertical poles designed to help those who have trouble walking, or the hardware around the tram seats, metal is everywhere. Today's trains are generally made of aluminum because of its light weight and can travel at such high speeds.


4. Aerospace

    Sheet metal used in aircraft comes in a variety of different parts, including steel, aluminum and even titanium. The wings and fuselage of the plane are made of a special aluminum alloy that combines the lightness of aluminum with the strength of steel to ensure that the plane itself stays together while flying, but is not so heavy that it falls out of the sky.

    In military applications and on large airliners, titanium is used in fuselages in addition to carbon-epoxy composites. This carbon fiber composite has similar properties to specialized aluminum alloys - superior strength at low weight.


5. Infrastructure

    The rails on trams are made of stainless steel. Some of the things you don't notice so much because they're just part of everyday life, like street signs and traffic lights, are infrastructure that uses metal. Power cables are made of aluminum alloy wires because they are strong, light and good conductors. Even large Bridges are reinforced with steel. If you look closely, you will see that sheet metal is used in every aspect of life.


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