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What aspects will be affected when the CNC lathe is threading?

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(1) The pitch value commanded in the threading block is equivalent to the feed rate vf represented by the feed amount f (mm/r). If the spindle speed of the machine tool is selected too high, the converted feed rate vf (mm/min) must greatly exceed the normal value. (2) The tool will be constrained by the lifting frequency of the servo drive system and the interpolation operation speed of the numerical control device throughout the displacement process. Since the lifting frequency characteristics cannot meet the processing needs and other reasons, it may be caused by the main feed movement. "Leading" and "lag" lead to part of the thread pitch does not meet the requirements. (3) The turning thread must be realized by the synchronous operation function of the spindle, that is, the turning thread needs a spindle pulse generator (encoder). A reference pulse signal sent out at the time) will cause the workpiece thread to have random lines (commonly known as "random buckle") due to "overshoot" (especially when the quality of the encoder is unstable)

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