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What are the types of CNC turning parts?

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CNC turning is an important part of CNC machining, which has many advantages over ordinary lathes, such as high machining precision, straight line, automatic speed change and so on.

What are the types of CNC turning parts?

What are the benefits of using CNC turning parts?

What are the types of CNC turning parts?

The main movement of CNC turning parts is the rotational movement of the workpiece clamped on the spindle, and with the movement of the cutter in the plane, the machining is mainly the revolving parts.

Rotating parts are divided into shaft sleeves, wheel discs and others. The difference between shaft sleeve and wheel disc parts lies in the aspect ratio. Generally, parts with aspect ratio greater than 1 are regarded as shaft sleeve parts, while parts with aspect ratio less than 1 are regarded as wheel disc parts.

1.Shaft sleeve parts. The length is greater than the diameter, and the machined surfaces are mostly inner and outer circumferential surfaces. The contour of the circumferential surface can be a straight line parallel to the two axes, and the stepped axis can be formed by cutting, and the axis can have threads and relief grooves, etc It can also be a diagonal line, which is cut to form a conical surface or a conical thread; It can also be an arc or a curve, which is cut to form a curved surface.

2.Wheel parts. The diameter is greater than the length, and the machined surface of wheel disc parts is mostly end face, and the contour of end face can be straight line, oblique line, arc, curve or end face thread, taper face thread, etc.

3.Other types of parts. Like ordinary lathes, CNC lathes can be equipped with special chucks to process eccentric shafts, or to process holes or cylinders on boxes and plates.

What are the benefits of using CNC turning parts?

1. Precision: The precision of CNC turning parts is one of the most competitive advantages in many companies by strictly measuring digital shelf parts, the error loss of ordinary individuals can be ruled out. Whether it is prototype or completion of the entire manufacturing process, advanced CNC turning parts provide the highest accuracy.

2. Flexibility: CNC turning parts have multi-size functions to meet a wide range of flexibility in applications. Digital control turning parts are procedural, so the change is quite simple. By accessing the keyboard, the operator of CNC lathe parts can carry parts for The company, then makes appropriate program modifications to create completely different parts.

3. Repeatable: CNC turning parts create an unmatched precision arrangement for excellent repeatability. The company can maximize production and reduce losses.

4. Safety: CNC turning parts are automated, which means operators can reduce the intensity of labor on board. At the same time, the body uses sealed or semi-closed protective equipment to prevent scraps of processed products from splashing, minimizing damage to personnel.

5. Faster: The risk of errors is low when executing programming commands using CNC turning parts.

To learn more about CNC turning parts, we can know how CNC turning parts work and how to use CNC turning parts. No matter from quality, price or delivery time, Holy Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd. can help customers to open up a wider market. It is wise to choose us as your business partner.

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