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What are the types of CNC machining parts?

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Computer numerical control machining parts, often referred to as CNC machining parts for short, has come to find a place to stay in the current manufacturing industry. We can even say that CNC machining parts has changed the face of manufacturing, helping to achieve smaller yet functional parts than we could ever before. CNC machining parts is also aiding in the achievement of reduced size, as well as improving the operations of everyday pieces of equipment and machinery.


l What are the types of CNC machining parts?

l What are the requirements of CNC machining parts?

l What are the benefits of using CNC machining parts?



What are the types of CNC machining parts?

Milling and turning parts: Mills might look like they have the most significant setup in different fields where they are used, but a combination of small parts is what keeps them working at the top of their game. For CNC machining parts, these tiny parts keep the mills running for an effective rendering of the tasks that have been coded into them.

Precision parts are usually small picks of a bigger setup that could not have been achieved with other forms of manufacturing. The CNC machining parts that fall under precision are such that they will be liable to mistakes if created with different heavily man-based types of manufacture.  

Aerial photography and camera parts: Some of the most celebrated CNC machining parts in the industry go to the aerial photography and camera department. A camera shutter release is one of those parts that should be treated meticulously if there is to be a guarantee that it works all the time. Besides the quick release plate, the camera industry also enjoys other CNC precision machining parts such as the camera frame.

Electronic parts: We would not have appropriately addressed the fields that enjoy a lot from CNC machining parts if we don’t mention the electronics department. CNC machining parts has a hand in everything from military-grade electronic hardware to consumer-grade options. With an effective CNC machining parts in place, impossible is nothing in the world of electronics.

What are the requirements of CNC machining parts?

Nowadays in the machining industry, traditional machining equipment can no longer meet the quality requirements. CNC machining parts have replaced ordinary machine tools, and the existing precision CNC machining parts and other automated machining equipment have replaced traditional machining pats.

The arrangement of the CNC machining parts sequence should be considered according to the structure of the part and the condition of the blank, as well as the needs of positioning and clamping. The important point is that the rigidity of the workpiece is not destroyed.

l The processing of the previous process should not affect the positioning and clamping of the next process. The middle CNC machining parts processes should also be considered comprehensively.

l Carry out the inner cavity of CNC machining parts first, and then the outer shape of CNC machining parts.

l The same positioning, clamping method or the same tool are connected to reduce the number of repeated positioning, the number of tool changes, and the number of times of moving the platen.

l For the multiple processes carried out in the same installation, the process should be arranged with less rigid damage to the workpiece.


What are the benefits of using CNC machining parts?



CNC machining parts has played an indispensable part in modern manufacturing industry because its advantages over conventional, which is fast, high precise and cheap.

l Labor safety: CNC machining parts saves lives. The operator of a CNC machine is safely separated from all the sharp parts by a special protective construction. He can still see what goes on in the machine tool through the glass, while he doesn't need to go anywhere near the mill or the spindle. The operator doesn't have to come in contact with the cooling fluids either. Depending on the material, some fluids can be hazardous for human skin.

l Labor economy: Conventional machining parts needed constant attention that the operator moved every part of the tool himself. When the CNC era came, the situation changed drastically. The CNC machining parts does the cutting part by itself. There is no need to touch anything. The tool moves automatically and the operator just has to check if there are any errors in the program or the setup. This means saving up on personnel.

l Minimum setup error: Conventional machining parts rely on the operators' proficiency with the measuring tools. That is why many CNC machining parts employ a specialized coordinate measuring probe. It is usually installed into the spindle as a tool and the fixed part is touched by the probe to determine its position. Afterward, the coordinate system zero points are determined so that the setup error is minimal.


Learn more something about CNC machining parts or CNC turning parts can know the types of CNC machining parts and the benefits of using CNC machining parts. In the process of CNC machining parts development, a number of very powerful companies have emerged, such as Holy Precision Manufacturing Co., Limited. Whether from quality or price, or delivery time, we can help customers to open up a further and larger market, it is wise to choose us as your business partner.


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