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What are the steps for CNC machining a part?

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The CNC machining process also abides by the laws of machining and cutting, which is roughly the same as that of ordinary machine tools. Because it is an automatic processing that applies computer control technology to mechanical processing, it has the characteristics of high processing efficiency and high precision. The CNC machining process includes the selection of the tool, the determination of the cutting parameters and the design of the cutting process route. CNC machining technology is the foundation and core of CNC programming. Only with reasonable technology can high-efficiency and high-quality CNC programs be compiled. The criteria for measuring the quality of CNC programs are: the least processing time, the least tool loss and the workpiece with the best effect. The CNC machining process is generally divided into rough machining, medium and coarse corner cleaning, semi-finishing and finishing. Steps for CNC machining parts:: 1. Analyze the part drawing to understand the general situation of the workpiece (geometry, workpiece material, process requirements, etc.) 2. Determine the CNC machining process of the part (the content of the machining, the route of the machining) 3. Perform necessary numerical calculations (base point, node coordinate calculation) 4. Write the program list (different machine tools will be different, follow the manual) 5. Program verification (input the program into the machine tool, and perform graphic simulation to verify the correctness of the programming) 6. Workpiece acceptance and quality error analysis (inspect the workpiece, and the qualified will flow to the next one. If the unqualified is not qualified, the cause of the error and the correction method will be found out through the quality analysis).

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