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What are the repair methods for motorcycle parts?

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The repair of motorcycle parts is to restore their technical performance in a short period of time and at a small economic cost. The commonly used repair methods for motorcycle parts mainly include adjustment and transposition method, additional parts method, repair size method, restoration size method, and replacement parts method. (1) Adjustment and transposition method The adjustment method is that when the clearance of some matching parts increases due to the wear of the parts, compensation methods such as adjusting screws or increasing or decreasing adjusting washers can be used to restore the normal matching relationship. For example, the adjustment of engine valve clearance. The transposition method is to change the position of the eccentrically worn parts or rotate them in one direction after the mating parts are worn, and use the unworn parts to continue working to restore the normal matching relationship. (2) Additional parts method The additional part method is to use a special part to be fitted on the wear part of the wear part to compensate the wear amount of the wear part and restore its matching relationship. For example, to deal with valve seat wear, the valve seat hole can be enlarged, and a special valve seat ring can be inserted to restore the fit with the valve. (3) Repair dimension method The repair size method is to machine one of the parts that affect the normal work after wear and tear to make it reach the specified size, geometric shape and surface accuracy, and replace the matching parts to restore the correct matching relationship. Generally, the more expensive and complex parts are processed, and the actual size of the processed parts is called the repair size. In order to make the repaired parts interchangeable, the country stipulates a unified repair size. For example, replace the bearing pad of the repair size after grinding the crankshaft; replace the oversized piston after boring the cylinder, etc. (4) Recovery size method The recovery size method is a method of restoring the original size, shape and service performance of worn parts by a certain recovery process. Commonly used recovery processes include welding, electroplating, spraying, and bonding. For example, after a crankshaft journal is worn, it is oversized by metal spraying and then machined to restore its size, shape and accuracy. (5) Replacement parts method The replacement part method is a method of replacing a faulty part (assembly) with a new part or a repaired part (assembly).

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