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What are the problems with CNC machining parts?

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As long as the CNC machining parts has a good reputation and reasonable price, CNC machining parts has a leading edge in the industrial market. However, CNC machining parts manufactories often overlook the operation and maintenance of the most important CNC machining parts, which cause many failures of CNC machining parts and cost money. Indeed, some failures of CNC machining parts are not hard for us to handle with without the professors.


What are the problems with CNC machining parts?

Just like most current technological devices, most problems of CNC machining parts are caused by user error and lack of maintenance.

If your material has burns on the outside edge: Usually, CNC machining parts either has a blunt tool or too low of a feed speed. Check out if your feed speed is right for the material you’re cutting. Simply replace your dull tool of CNC machining parts with a sharper one or increase your feed speed.

Making the same mistake twice: CNC machining parts takes a lifetime to learn. At no point should you consider yourself a master who has it altogether. New situations happen that require new thinking and adaptation even by experienced experts.

Chatter: When your chatters of CNC machining parts, it simply means it vibrates when doing its job. Chatter happens either to CNC machining parts or just its tool. Chatter harms the quality of CNC machining parts, dramatically reduces the life of your tool, and can even shorten the lifespan of your CNC machine too. To prevent chatter from ever happening in the first place, simply make sure your cut width or depth keeps deflection below 1/1000th of an inch.

Overheating which can cause your entire CNC machining parts to fail: CNC machining parts can reach more than 150 degrees on the inside. Filters can get clogged with dirt and debris, which can push temperatures even higher. This can cause serious damage to CNC machining parts.

Prevention of CNC machining parts mostly consists of routine maintenance. Have a regular schedule for clearing dirt and dust from your AC units and filters. Cutting fluids and metal shavings should be cleared away routinely, as they can contaminate your equipment.

What software is supported by CNC machining parts?

The CNC machining parts employs software applications to ensure the optimization, precision, and accuracy of the custom-designed part or product. Software applications used include:

1. CAD: Computer-aided design software are programs used to draft and produce 2D vector or 3D solid part and surface renderings, as well as the necessary technical documentation and specifications associated with the part. The designs and models generated in a CAD program are typically used by a CAM program to create the necessary machine program to produce the part via CNC machining parts.

2. CAM: Computer-aided manufacturing software are programs used extract the technical information from the CAD model and generate machine program necessary to run the CNC machining parts and manipulate the tooling to produce the custom-designed part. CAM software enables the CNC machining parts to run without operator assistance and can help automate finished product evaluation.

3. CAE: Computer-aided engineering  software are programs used by engineers during the pre-processing, analysis, and post-processing phases of the development process. CAE software is used as assistive support tools in engineering analysis applications, such as design and simulation to help with evaluating and modifying product design.

What can we do to prevent failures of CNC machining parts?

The main maintenance work of CNC machining parts has the following contents: daily inspection, weekly inspection, monthly inspection, quarter inspection, and semi-annual inspection. CNC machining parts preventive maintenance is as follows:

Daily inspection of CNC machining parts: CNC machining parts’ main projects include hydraulic systems, spindle lubrication systems, rail lubrication systems, cooling systems, and pneumatic systems. The daily inspection is based on the normal conditions of each system. When performing the process detection of the spindle lubrication system, the power light should be on, and the hydraulic pump should be running normally.

Weekly inspection of CNC machining parts: CNC machining parts’ main items include machine tool parts and spindle lubrication systems, which should be properly inspected weekly, especially for CNC machining parts to remove iron filings and external debris cleaning.

Monthly inspection of CNC machining parts: Mainly to check the power supply and air dryer. The power supply voltage is rated at 180V-220V under normal conditions, and the frequency is 50Hz. The air dryer should be removed once a month, then cleaned and assembled.

Quarterly inspection of CNC machining parts: The quarterly inspection should be carried out mainly from three aspects: machine bed, hydraulic system, and spindle lubrication system. When inspecting the machine bed, it is mainly to see whether the machine tool accuracy and machine tool level meet the requirements in the manual.


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