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What are the identification methods of motorcycle parts?

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Parts must be identified after cleaning to determine their technical condition for continued use. And determine its failure type and feasibility of repair. Different parts have different identification content and requirements, including the size, geometry (flatness, cylindricity, etc.), surface state (roughness, damage, spalling, cracks, corrosion, etc.) of the parts, and other special requirements ( balance, quality, etc.). There are generally the following methods for identifying parts. (1) Intuitive judgment method The appraiser directly judges the technical condition of the part by feeling. (2) Measurement (Probing) method For the size, geometry, relative position deviation of the parts, etc., it is necessary to measure and identify with a measuring tool. Commonly used measures include steel ruler, thickness gauge (feeler gauge), vernier caliper, inner diameter indicator, outer diameter indicator, inner diameter indicator, outer diameter indicator, etc. Pay attention to the correct use of measuring tools. For defects inside the parts, special detection equipment can be used for identification, such as the use of magnetic flaw detectors.

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