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What are the four important cleaning parts of CNC plasma cutting machine?

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In the daily use of CNC plasma cutting machine, some key components are not cleaned in place, and the processing environment in the workshop is harsh, which is easy to cause poor cutting, poor quality of cutting surface, and even burn out components in severe cases. Four important cleaning parts of CNC plasma cutting machine: 1. Torch and consumables Any dirt in the torch and consumables will seriously affect the function of the plasma system. When replacing consumables, place them on clean flannel, and frequently check the connecting threads of the torch, and clean the nozzle on the electrode contact surface with hydrogen peroxide. 2. Nozzle When the plasma gas is air or oxygen, oxides will be deposited in the nozzle, affecting the cutting airflow and reducing the service life of wearing parts. Wipe the inside of the nozzle with a clean flannel to remove oxide. 3. The shield frequently removes slag from the torch shield that would otherwise cause a destructive heavy plasma arc. Additionally, coating the shield with a splash-proof chemical paint will help reduce slag buildup on the shield. Do not apply splash protection until the torch guard is removed. 4. Excessive dust on the dual-axis guide rail will affect the lateral movement, resulting in low precision of the cutting machine. When cleaning, just use a brush or rag to clean. Simple as it is, but be sure to clean it up.

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