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What are the common failures of CNC turning parts?

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Cutting, increasing tool wear, etc., increase the tool loss of CNC turning parts, increase the processing cost, increase the cutting force, increase the vibration of the machine tool, increase the wear of the moving parts of the machine tool, and also affect the accuracy of CNC turning parts themselves.

• What are the common failures of CNC turning parts?

• What are the precautions for CNC turning parts?

What are the common failures of CNC turning parts?

The performance of the machine tool has not been brought into full play, which is manifested in that the parameter setting is too conservative when turning parts by numerical control, and the process parameters should be matched with the selection of machine tools and tools, so as to give full play to the performance of the numerical control machine tool. In order to give full play to the advantages of CNC turning parts and improve machining efficiency, efficient machining is an important direction of CNC technology development. In the machining of complex curved surface, the fundamental to improve machining efficiency lies in improving cutting efficiency, while the key to improve cutting efficiency lies in optimizing cutting parameters. In the actual machining of complex curved surfaces such as rough machining, the conservative cutting feed speed can only be used in actual machining due to the uneven machining allowance, the change of curved surface shape, the difference of material hardness and the change of tool wear caused by blank deformation. The above factors make CNC turning parts unable to give full play to the inherent machining ability of machine tools. In order to pursue machining efficiency, when setting parameters, the cutting depth is large, the feed speed is large, and the corresponding cutting force is also large. At the same time, cutting, increasing tool wear and other phenomena will inevitably occur, which will increase tool loss and processing cost.

What are the precautions for CNC turning parts?

1. Reasonable choice of cutting tools:

(1) during rough turning, choose tools with high strength and good durability, so as to meet the requirements of large back cutting amount and large feed amount during rough turning.

(2) When finishing turning, choose tools with high precision and good durability to ensure the machining accuracy.

(3) In order to reduce the tool changing time and facilitate the tool setting, the machine clamping tool and the machine clamping blade should be adopted as far as possible.

2. Reasonable fixture selection:

(1) try to use general fixtures to clamp workpieces, and avoid using special fixtures;

(2) Parts positioning datum overlap to reduce positioning error.

3. Determine the processing route:

(1) the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements should be guaranteed;

(2) The machining route should be shortened as far as possible to reduce the idle travel time of the cutter.

4. Connection between machining route and machining allowance: Under the condition that CNC lathes have not been widely used, it is generally necessary to arrange excessive allowance on blanks for machining on ordinary lathes.

5. Key points of fixture installation: the connection between hydraulic chuck and hydraulic clamping cylinder is realized by tie rod, and hydraulic chuck clamps.

6. Reasonable selection of cutting parameters: For high-efficiency metal CNC turning parts, machined materials, cutting tools and cutting conditions are the three major elements. These determine the machining time, tool life and machining quality.

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