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What are the applications of CNC machining parts?

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CNC machiningparts is a versatile and cost-effective manufacturing process compatible with a huge range of materials. As such, CNC machining parts is used across a diverse array of industries, for a variety of applications, and can be used in different ways. CNC machining parts can be used as a direct manufacturing process, an indirect manufacturing process or in conjunction with other processes.

 How can CNC machining parts be used?

l Reasonable choice of cutting amount of CNC machining parts: For high-efficiency metal cutting processing of CNC machining parts, the processed material, cutting tools, and cutting conditions are the three major elements, which determine the processing time, tool life and processing quality. With the increase in cutting speed, the temperature of the tool tip will rise, which will cause mechanical, chemical, and thermal wear. The user should choose the cutting speed to be used according to the processed material, hardness, cutting state, material type, feed rate, and depth of cut.

l Choose a tool of CNC machining parts reasonably: When rough turning, choose high-strength and durable tools to meet the requirements of large back-grabbing and large feed. When finishing turning, choose tools with high precision and good durability to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy. In order to reduce the tool change time and facilitate tool setting, machine clamped knives and machine clamped blades should be used as much as possible.

l Choose fixtures of CNC machining parts reasonably: Try to use general fixtures of CNC machining parts to clamp the workpiece, avoiding using special fixtures. The part positioning datum coincides to reduce positioning error.

l Determine the processing route of CNC machining parts: The processing route is the movement track and direction of the tool relative to the part during the processing of the index-controlled lathe. It should be able to guarantee the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements of CNC machining parts. The processing route should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the tool idle travel time.

l The excess margin on the blank, especially the margin containing the forged and cast hard skin layers, should be arranged on a normal lathe for processing of CNC machining parts.

 What materials can CNC machining parts be processed? 



l Parts with complex contour shapes. Any plane curve can be approximated by a straight line or arc. CNC machining parts has arc interpolation function, which can process various complicated contour parts.

l Lathe parts with high precision requirements. The CNC machining parts has good rigidity, high manufacturing accuracy, and accurate tool setting, which is convenient to do size compensation. So, CNC machining parts can process parts with high dimensional accuracy.

l CNC machining parts is most suitable for small and medium batch parts of various varieties. With the gradual decline in the manufacturing cost of CNC machining parts, the situation of processing large quantities of parts has emerged. When processing small batches and single-piece production, CNC machining parts is also possible to shorten the debugging time of the program and the preparation time of the tooling.

l Parts with small surface roughness values. CNC machining parts has a constant linear speed cutting function. The same linear speed can be used when turning the end face and the outer circle of different diameters to ensure that the surface roughness value is small and consistent. When processing surfaces with different surface roughness, choose a small feed speed for a surface with a small roughness, and a larger feed speed for a surface with a large roughness.

What are the applications of CNC machining parts?

Thanks to CNC machining parts automation, its use was extended to different industrial sectors such as wind power, aeronautics, and even rail. CNC milling machines mold landing gear and fuselage components.

The aerospace industry has a long-hared history with CNC machining parts. Metal aircraft components can be machined to a high level of precision, which is essential for safety-critical applications, and the range of engineering metals compatible with CNC machining parts provides aerospace engineers with plenty of options.

The automotive industry regularly uses CNC machining parts for both prototyping and production. Extruded metal can be machined into cylinder blocks, gear boxes, valves, axels, and various other components, while plastic can be machined into components like dashboard panels and gas gauges. CNC machining parts is also useful for creating one-off custom automotive parts and even replacement parts since turnaround times are fast and there is no minimum required part quantity.

CNC machining parts is widely used for the prototyping and production of consumer



electronics such as laptops and smartphones. The chassis of an Apple Macbook, for example, is CNC machining parts from extruded aluminum and then anodized. In the electronics industry, CNC machining parts is used to create PCBs, housings, jigs, fixtures and other components.

Since CNC machining parts can be used on various medically safe materials, and since the process is suited to one-off custom parts, it has many applications in the medical industry. The tight tolerances afforded by CNC machining parts are essential to the high performance of machined medical components.


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