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Top 10 CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers in the United Kingdom


Nowadays, technology has become a common instrument in people's daily lives, everywhere you look, you will see someone holding a phone, tablet or wearing a watch. In this world of innovation and technology for everyday consumption, the manufacturing industry also needed to step up, in terms of technology development. The answer found by numerous companies is CNC machining, let us now look into the Top 10 CNC manufacturers manufacturers suppliers in one of the most popular and innovative regions in the world, the United Kingdom.
Top 10 CNC Machining Parts manufacturing and supplier in the United Kingdom
Here is the list of the Top 10 CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers in the United Kingdom, based on and


Position Company Name Year Established Location (City)
1 CNC Projects






3 Geomiq



4 Bridwey


5 Spen Valley CNC Services 2017 Cleckheaton
6 Holy Precision


7 Get It Made


8 KMF Group


Newcastle under Lyme
9 Precision Component Services Ltd


10 Pryme Group


North Shields
1.CNC Projects
CNC Projects is very modern when it comes to receiving their orders online, the step by step procedure provided on their website is very simple and easy to follow. This shows how their years of experience have shaped the way they do things. They have figured out the best way to communicate with their clients while maximizing the online technology that they have.

They provide quick and reliable CNC cutting services, as well as, introduction of new technologies. Their approach in CNC Machining veers away from complicated plans and face to face meetings, but instead they maximize their online capability to offer their quality services to more people online, but they still talk to their clients in person, when it is necessary. The accessibility and simplicity of their project submission process makes them one of the most formidable player in the CNC Machining industry in the United Kingdom (UK)

Company Advantages
●10 years experience of being in the industry
●CNC production is more accessible because of their online submission process
●Background in cabinetry, furniture and product design
●Introduction of new technologies
●Combined 40 years of experience of employees

Main Services
●5 Axis CNC routing
●3 Axis CNC routing
●3D Printing
●General Wood Machining
●Spray Finishing
Protolabs started with Larry Lurkis, he decided to automate the manufacturing process with the use of a computer software, from there the company grew into the manufacturing giant that it is today.
Protolabs continued to expand the automated process aside from Injection molding, and they now offer quick-turn CNC machining, they even expanded to the European region and the country of Japan.
Protolabs is now known as the world's fastest manufacturer of custom prototypes and they even provide the service called - on-demand production parts. They have manufacturing facilities in not just 1 or 2 countries but in 8 countries. They definitely started from the bottom and are now at the top of the manufacturing game.
Company Advantages
●World's fastest digital manufacturing source for rapid prototypes
●Source for on-demand production parts
●Automated quoting and manufacturing system
●Produces commercial-grade plastic, metal and liquid silicone rubber parts within days
●Leverages digital marketing
Main Services
●Injection moulding
●CNC Machining
●3D Printing
Geomiq has a goal of streamlining and changing the manufacturing industry. They will do this by constantly learning, innovating and continuously providing excellent customer service.
Geomiq aims to build an environment where world-class innovation can be reached by people from a single access point. Geomiq aims to connect people to the right manufacturers depending on their needs, whether it is injection molds, large quantities of specialist precision parts or rapid prototypes.

Company Advantages
●Quality assurance at every stage
●Prototype to production of the product or part after a few days
●Leverage the expertise of our global partner network
●Manufactured over 10 million precision parts
●Powers over 3,000 companies

Main Services
●CNC Machining
●Injection Moulding
●3D Printing
●Sheet Metal Fabrication
Bridwey was started by two engineers, from manufacturing tooling and small parts for their customers who are locals in their area, they now have numerous clients and bigger and better services. They do not forget where they came from, as proof of their commitment to loyalty, their 3 core customers when they started, are still in their current client list.
They value homegrown talents, and growth of their employees, the majority of their staff trained and started with the company. Just like the company and its services, the people in the company and their clients, have all grown for the better and to continue providing excellent service in the manufacturing industry.

Company Advantages
●Years of experience in CNC Machining throughout Dorset, South West & UK wide
●Works with most materials from lead to magnesium, beryllium coppers, ceramics, precipitation hardened alloys, in one's, titanium, plastics and composites as well as castings of all sorts
●Experienced staff and engineers

Main Services
●5 Axis Machining
●Sliding Head Machining
●Volume CNC Machinists
●CNC Milling
●CNC Turning
●Assembly & Finishing
5.Spen Valley CNC Services
Spen Valley CNC Services is a provider of CNC machine tool repair service. The company has experts with 25 years of Machine Tool build experience, they also have engineers to ensure that the machines of the clients will be back to factory specification as soon as possible.
They also provide Factory training, which is from TS Harrison's, Colchester lathes from Daewoo, Nakamura-tome and Doosan. With the vast experience of their employees when it comes to standard and CNC center lathes, vertical lathes, vertical and horizontal Machining centers, table borers, and multi axis turning centers. Spen Valley CNC Services is a one stop shop for companies who want to receive high quality CNC Machining services at a reasonable price.

Company Advantages
●Vast experience on standard and CNC center lathes and more
●Specialized machine tool geometric alignments
●Repairs can be done in our the company's machine shop facility

Main Services
●CNC Machine Servicing
●Full geometric realignment on both manual and CNC machines
●Horizontal and vertical lathes from 2 axis to multi axis turning centers
●Table and floor borers
●Vertical and horizontal Machining centers
●Manual and CNC lathes, Harrison and Colchester realignment achieved by scraping if required
●CNC Machine Tool Repairs
●CNC Spindle Rebuilds
6.Holy Precision
Holy Precision is a manufacturer with their own factory, they provide CNC Machining, CNC turning, laser cutting; with their educated engineers, they provide accurate and precise parts and Machining services. Their catalog of materials include plastic, composite, metal and any other desired material.
The company provides a reasonable price when it comes to quality inspection equipment including profile projector, high gauge, altimeter, CMMA, micrometer, pin gauge and calipers. Aside from providing the mentioned services at affordable prices, Holy Precision also guarantees good lead time and reliable credit.
With big name clients like CAMSO, DJI, GREE, HUAWEI, BOEING and many others; the company aims to achieve their policy of quality and fully satisfying their clients' needs.

Company Advantages
●Before-sale service
●After-sale service
●ISO 9001 Manufacturer with their own property
●15000 some property with CNC Machining workshop
●Strong product development team

Main Services
●CNC Machining
●Laser cutting
●CNC Turning
7.Get It Made
Get It Made is known for having bespoke custom parts and excellent CNC Machining services. The company aims to be the manufacturing partner that clients will think of first, when they think of manufacturing service providers. They provide CNC Prototyping, manufacturing and production of custom parts.
Get It Made can give on-demand manufacturing capabilities, and even near limitless CNC engineering, that fits clients needs. The company produces high quality and competitively valued components that are delivered to clients on their specified timeline. Get It Made has a complete range of modern industrial manufacturing equipment and techniques.

Company Advantages
●ISO 9001 Accredited
●Superior customer service
●Vast Flexibility
●Competitive Pricing
●Fast Turnaround

Main Services
●CNC Machining
●Manufacturing Services for Metal & Plastic parts
●CNC Milling
●5 Axis CNC Machining
●Metal Injection Molding
●Assembly & Welding
8.KMF Group
KMF Group provides sheet metal fabrication and precision CNC Machining. The company delivers CNC Machining services to large OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer), and is one of the largest sheet metal engineering and metal Fabrication companies in the UK. KMF Group is an engineering powerhouse with metal sheets, they can satisfy any and every requirement that their client has.
When it comes to your metal Fabrication needs, there is only one company that can supply your every need and even your wants, that is KMF Group, you don't need to look anywhere else.

Company Advantages
●Customer Alignment
●ISO Accredited fabrication
●Extensive In-House Technologies
●Accurate Custom Metal Fabrication

Main Services
●CNC Punching
●Laser Cutting
●CNC Machining
●Metal forming
●Powder coating
●Glass bead blasting
●Dedicated stainless Steel fabrication

9.Precision Component Services Ltd

Precision Component Services Ltd is a manufacturing service provider that specializes in the creation of precision machine parts from any material ranging from stainless steel to plastic. The company provides their services to a huge array of different industries, delivering high quality precision turned parts out of various materials.
They also have excellent customer service, on time deliveries, competitive pricing and excellent quality.
Precision Component Services Ltd invested in sliding head CNC Machining allowing them to create turned parts in a fraction of time, compared to other providers who do not have this technology.

Company Advantages
●Can manufacture any batch size from 1 to 100,000 on Citizen sliding head machines
●Multi axis turn/mill machines with 65mm bar capacity and full CNC milling
●Can turn up anything from 2mm in diameter up to as big as 300mm in diameter
●Precision Engineering of Machined and Turned parts
●Manufacturing Ventilator parts for NHS
●Cost effective CNC Machining parts

Main Services
●CNC Machining
●CNC Turning & Milling
●Turned Parts
●Complex Machining
10.Pryme Group
Pryme Group is a provider of innovative engineering solutions, they work to make their slogan come to fruition, they design, create and deliver. The Pryme Group has five (5) complementary businesses serving different industrial sectors. The five complementary businesses of Pryme Group are: GA Engineering, IMES | SengS, Caley and Hydratron.
Aside from being innovative when it comes to their engineering solutions, the company also works hard to work while building a sustainable future. The company operates over 12 sites across the United Kingdom; they combine high quality design, project management, proprietary product lines, systems, life cycle service support and engineering. The Pryme Group is the perfect example of a company that looks not only to the present but towards the future, with their efforts in working towards being a sustainable company; they do not only provide service to their clients but to future generations as well.

Company Advantages
●Process starts from strategic thinking to small-scale challenges
●Has energy transition goals and contribute to a net-zero future
●Integral part of the energy industry supply chain
●Investment in Research and Development
●Creates a resilient and adaptable supply chain to support energy transition

Main Services
●Integrated Engineering and Testing
●Offshore Handling Systems
●High Pressure Flow and Control Equipment
●Precision Engineering and Manufacturing

Benefits of importing CNC machined parts from the United Kingdom
The United Kingdom has always been a leader in almost all the industries, the manufacturing industry is not so different. The companies in the United Kingdom always offer quality and high precision products and services, and providing excellent customer service is not a bonus instead it has become a requirement. Aside from working on the services, innovative machines, the United Kingdom and the companies in it are now showing a rising regard for working on having a sustainable future as well. If you want quality and new machines that will surely get the job done the manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom are perfect for you, and your company. With the products and services of the manufacturing companies in the UK clients can definitely achieve and even exceed their own goals.
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