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Top 10 CNC Machining Parts Manufacturers and Suppliers in Poland


CNC machining is a process of using computer-controlled machines to cut and shape materials. It is an efficient and versatile manufacturing method that can create parts of various sizes and shapes.
When choosing a CNC machining service provider, there are countless factors to ponder, but one of the most important is finding an experienced, reliable and trustworthy supplier with a good reputation.
Poland has a long history of manufacturing and has become a leader in CNC machining in recent years.
Many CNC machining parts manufacturers and suppliers in Poland offer various services such as prototyping, 3D printing, and more. This blog post will provide a list of the top 10 CNC machining parts manufacturers and suppliers in Poland that can be very beneficial for our CNC machined parts needs.


Position Company Name Year Established Location (City)


Słotwiny, Poland

 Holy Precision


  Guangdong, China



  Gdansk, Poland

4 Progres CNC


Pięczkowo, Poland

5 INVEST-TECH SP. Z O.O. 1996 Toruń, Poland


Żychlin, Poland



Śródka, Poland


Skawina, Poland


Gdynia, Poland


Elk, Poland
● Location: · Dlugie 42, 95-040 Dlugie, Słotwiny, Poland
● Year founded: 2003
● Main Services Offered: 3D printing, Laser cutting & engraving containers manufacturing with CNC machines, designing and manufacturing equipment and machinery, and welding steel structures.

CMPLAST company is one of the leading CNC machining parts manufacturers in Poland. They offer a wide range of services, including CNC machining, conventional machining, prototyping, 3D printing, designing and manufacturing equipment and machinery, welding steel structures, and more.


These mechanical processes can be done on various materials, including plastic (POM, PE, PA, and PC), steel, and non-ferrous materials, such as Aluminum and Brass.


Their CNC machining services include milling, turning, rifling, drilling, cutting, and welding using advanced machinery, the latest techniques, and professional workers.


From precision concept rendering and advanced production to final assembly and packaging, they strive to offer the highest quality services at reasonable prices.


Their team is highly qualified, experienced, and attentive to the slightest detail. CMPLAST offers a lot of value for your money.

Company Advantages:
 A one-stop shop for all our material processing and precision machined parts needs.
● Offers a wide range of materials for mechanical processes.
● Over 19 years of experience in the CNC machining industry.
 Certified by ISO and Rzetelna Firma.
● Location: · Guangdong, China
● Year founded: 2014
● Services: CNC machining, CNC turning, Tapping, Laser Cutting, Motorcycle tool services, rapid prototyping services, stamping, forging, casting, injection molding, and extrusion mold services.

Spain is home to some of the world’s top CNC machining parts manufacturers and suppliers. With a long history of excellence in engineering and manufacturing, Spanish companies have a reputation for quality, precision, and innovation.


Among the leading CNC machining parts manufacturers in Spain is HolyPrecision, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision mechanical components.


We have already offered our wide range of services, including CNC machining, engraving, milling, turning, and drilling, to world-renowned brands like DJI, CAMSO, Boeing, Huawei, GREE, and HP. We have served in numerous industries like Aerospace & Defense, Camera & Photo, Automotive, Vehicle, Medical & Dental, Hardware, and Industrial Equipment.


Our objective is to deliver our valuable customers with the best possible quality machined product at competitive prices. Our team has over 22 years of experience in the machining industry and has worked on projects across Europe, China, the US, and dozens of other countries.


We take pride in their dedication to customers' needs and strive to provide the highest-quality machining service with every project they undertake. Our services include CNC machining, turning, cutting, as well as motorcycle tools, rapid prototyping, and stamping parts services.


HolyPrecision is ISO, SGS, and TUV certified. It is always striving to improve its quality and looking for new challenges and opportunities to expand its business further into new global markets.

Company Advantages:
● OEM and ODM services are available.
● Offer free samples.
● Amazing customer support.
● Strict quality control.
● Location:  Ks.Leona Miszewskiego 12/13,  80-239 Gdansk, Poland
● Year Founded: 2007
Main Services Offered: CNC Milling, CNC Turning, CNC Wire-EDM, PCB depenalization tools, and design and manufacturing of injection molds.

DAMEKS is a reliable provider of CNC machining services, and CNC machined parts in Poland. Their company was founded in 2007, and they have been providing high-quality services to their valuable clients.


They have an experienced and highly-trained team of professional engineers, designers and workers dedicated to meeting their clients' needs. DAMEKS uses advanced technology and equipment, including CNC Milling, CNC Turning, and CNC Wire-EDM machines, to produce precision parts quickly and efficiently. They are equipped to design and produce injection molds and PCB depenalization tools.


DAMEKS also offer custom machining services to meet the specific needs of their clients. They are proud to be a part of the Polish manufacturing industry and are committed to providing their clients with superior-quality products and services.


Company Advantages:
● Offers a wide variety of materials for processing, including metals, light alloys, composites, and plastics.
● Already served in countless industries, including Automatics and Robotics, Shipbuilding electronic and               electro-technical industry, Biotechnology sectors, Automotive industry, Offshore, Electronic industry, Robotic,     energy, and more.
● Experienced working with DOOSAN, DMG, HAAS, and ACCUTEX.
● Offers fast shipping and affordable service charges.
4.Progres CNC


● Location: Szkolna 33, 63-025 Pięczkowo, Poland
● Year Founded: 2008
 Main Services Offered: CNC Precise milling and turning of steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, and plastics. Heat and chemical surface treatment. CMM measurements of the physical geometrical characteristics of parts and components, and reverse engineering and 3D model generation.

Progres CNC is on the road to becoming the best CNC machining services and CNC machined parts provider in Poland because of its high-quality standards, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction.


They have a team of experienced and skilled technicians who use the latest technology and equipment to produce precise and accurate parts. Their products are made from high-quality materials and are durable and long-lasting.


They also offer a wide range of machining services and can custom-make parts to meet our specific needs.

Established in 2008, Progres CNC has a wide range of experience and capabilities in CNC machining. They have been working in the machining industry for 20+ years and have gained a lot of expertise. This means that they can provide high-quality services and parts to their clients in various industries, including automotive, maintenance department and tool rooms, heating and gas industry, and machinery and industrial equipment production.


Company Advantages:
 One-stop shop for all CNC machined part solutions
● Advanced machinery from milling, turning, lathe, vertical milling, vertical centering, engraving, etc.
● Excellent customer support
● 14+ years of experience
● Location: Płaska 32-34, 87-100 Toruń, Poland
● Year Founded: 1996
● Main Services offered:Stainless steel cutting, CNC machining, welding, grinding, plate bending, 3D designing, and measurement services. 

INVEST-TECH SP. Z O.O. is a CNC machining service provider in Poland, providing high-quality machining of standard and custom parts for the aviation, marine, and automotive industries.


They specialize in manufacturing complex Aluminum and steel parts, as well as in processing and machining titanium, stainless steel, and other materials.


INVEST-TECH’s team consists of highly experienced professionals with years of experience working with metal alloys. They can work with various types of metalworking processes, including cold forging, hot forging, stamping, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, and plasma cutting.


They take pride in offering our customers a high-quality product at competitive prices while providing them with excellent customer service throughout the project lifecycle.


INVEST-TECH’s are TÜV Rheinland PED / AD2000, ISO, PED 2014/68 / UE, PN-EN 1090-2, and PN-EN ISO 3834-2 certified. Their goal is to provide their valued clients with outstanding value for money every time they visit them!

Company Advantages:
● Offers a wide range of precision machined products, including stainless plates, stainless steel flanges, pipes,
    fittings, cut elements, and special elements.
● Have various offices across Poland.
● Proud winner of various certifications, awards, prizes, and distinctions.
● Environment Friendly

● Location: ul. Dobrzelińska 12, 99-320 Żychlin, Poland
● Year Founded: 2006
Main Services Offered: Machining on CNC lathes and milling machines, welding of steel and aluminum, thermal, mechanical, laser, and plasma cutting, bending and rolling sheet metal, and manufacturing and assembly of steel structures. They also offer anti-corrosion protection for products.

DIMA SP. Z O.O. is a CNC machining service provider in Poland. They have been in CNC machining business since 2006 and have provided high-quality services to domestic and international clients.


They are specialized in CNC milling, turning, and grinding. They have designed and manufactured countless turning parts for the car industry, medical devices, electronics, etc., milling parts for aerospace, medical devices, electronics, etc., and grinding parts for the automotive industry, medical devices, and other sectors.


Their wide range of services includes welding of steel and aluminum, bending and rolling of sheets and profiling of sections, mechanical, thermal, and laser cutting, CNC machining, turning, milling, lathing, grinding and drilling, Anti-corrosion protection using blasting and wet painting.


The company is ISO and CE certified. On top of that, their employees are also certified for their expertise, including VT, PT, UT, MT, IWP, IWT, IWI, and IWE.


Company Advantages:
● Highly trained and skilled employees that are also certified for their expertise.

● Large-production hall with a multitude of machinery and equipment

● 20+ years of experience

● Offers customization services at affordable rates

7.2LHDM SP. Z O.O. SP. K.
● Location: Logistyczna 4, 63-006 Śródka, Poland
● Year Founded: 2020
● Main Services Offered: CNC machining, modernizing the existing machinery, equipment, and production

2LHDM SP. Z O.O. is a leading provider of CNC machining services in Poland, with its factory located in Srodka, Poland. Their company offers a wide range of machinery, and services, including precision machining of all materials, including steel, cast iron, aluminum, and other metals. They also offer custom-made CNC machined parts that are made-to-order to fit the client’s specific needs.


They use state-of-the-art equipment at their manufacturing facilities to ensure that all work is performed safely and efficiently. Their highly-skilled, trained and qualified staff is ready to provide us with the best service possible.


For manufacturing spare parts, they are equipped with 3 and 5-axis milling machines, turning machines, coordinate measuring machines, Laser cutting machines, and MIG and TIG welding machines.


Besides machined parts manufacturing, they also offer services like modernization of the existing machinery, equipment, and production lines, technical document preparation, industrial automation, robotization, and welding services.

Company Advantages:
● They provide complete industrial solutions

● Highly productive and Innovative

● Reliable and efficient

● Offers optimization of operating and manufacturing costs to the customer

● Location: Piłsudskiego 7, 32-050 Skawina, Poland
● Year Founded: 2002
Main Services Offered: Design and Construction of machines, including Assembly machines, 3D designing, Final inspection devices, and measuring machines. Construction of production lines and assembly lines, industrial automation, CNC machining, robotization, and mechanical engineering.

PRO-ASSEM SP. Z O.O., with its headquarters in Skawina, Poland, is a CNC machining service provider. Their customers are located worldwide, and Pro-Assem provides them with reliable, accurate, and timely services in manufacturing metal parts for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and industrial technologies.


Pro-Assem’s team has over 20 years of experience in metalworking, so they can guarantee that their customers will receive high-quality products manufactured according to their specifications. Their main areas of expertise include CNC machining of metal parts: extrusion, sheet metal forming, turning; forging, die casting; injection molding; and cold forging. Besides, they also offer services like the Design and Construction of machines, production lines and assembly lines, industrial automation, Robotization, and mechanical engineering.


They offer services globally through their network of suppliers in Poland and other European countries.


Company Advantages:

● They have the solution to most of the industrial requirement

● They have a highly skilled team of engineers, designers, and other employees

● 20+ Years of experience in the CNC machining industry

● High-grade precision machined products and trustworthy services at the most competitive prices



● Location: Czechosłowacka 3, 81-336 Gdynia, Poland
● Year Founded: 1998
● Main Service Offered: CNC machining, Shaft grinding, shaft turning, gear milling, Repairs of machines and devices, Consultancy in technology and design.

Techno Nauta is a CNC machining service provider in Poland. They provide their clients with high-quality machining services and cutting tools, which are used for manufacturing machined parts of various materials, including aluminum and stainless steel. Their CNC machine tools are powerful and reliable, and they have the best customer service representatives on staff to ensure that the client gets the most out of their investment.


Techno Nauta has been operating since 1998 and providing quality CNC machine services to businesses all over Poland for years. Their company is focused on providing clients with top-notch machining services at competitive prices—and they stand behind everything they do!

Company Advantages:

● 24+ Years of experience in technology, design, and CNC machining.

● From designing and manufacturing machines and CNC machined parts to Consultancy, they offer every           service one requires.

● Superior CNC machined products and services in compliance with ISO 9001-2015 standard

●Experience working with various industries, including metals, chemical, shipbuilding, food, arms, fuel, and energy sectors.

● Location: Sordachy 2A, 19-300 Elk, Poland
● Year Founded: 1998
Main Services Offered: CNC milling, Welding, Turning, Laser cut, Powder painting, Repair of machinery, Par regeneration, Mechanical engineering, Furniture frames, Sheet metal bending, Making molds, and Sanding.

MICRO TECH METAL LTD. is a CNC machining service provider in Poland. They can fulfill all needs of their valuable clients, whether they are big or small. Their team of highly-skilled specialists has the experience and knowledge to fulfill any order one may have. They provide services for various automotive, aerospace, medical, and electronics industries.


They use CNC machines made by the most reliable brands. These machines are used for complex jobs that cannot be done by hand due to their high precision and accuracy. This way, they can guarantee that each part produced will be perfect and fit precisely into the corresponding application.


MICRO TECH METAL LTD. works with many different materials, and they have a wide range of experience in all areas of machining, so they can handle any project, no matter how complex or small. They specialize in turning, milling and drilling, and surface finishing and engraving.


They strive to provide their clients with the best service possible to get what they need without any issues or problems occurring along the way!


Company Advantages:

● Manufacturer of machines, machined parts, and other products

● Partnered with BDart, FUD-MEN, KNOR, PADMA, ICAR and Fabryka Ram

● Extensive experience and trust

● Well-organized and well-equipped manufacturing facility

When we are planning to order a CNC machined part, we can opt for a wide range of CNC machined parts manufacturers and suppliers of our choice. We must look for their company websites and find all the essential details regarding their products. Finally, we should compare the rates and prices of each product we have shortlisted before zeroing down on the one that provides us with maximum benefits within our budget.
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