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How to maintain CNC turning parts?

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CNC turning has higher requirements on the machining quality of the previous working procedure, because the automation degree of NC machining is very high, the machining process control is controlled by computer, and the flexibility of manual control is lacking. If the previous working procedure can not be well maintained, the quality of the subsequent finished workpiece will be seriously affected.

• What is the working principal of CNC turning parts?

• How to maintain CNC turning parts?

What is the working principal of CNC turning parts?

The workpiece of CNC turning parts rotates, and the turning tool moves in a straight line or curve in the plane. Turning is usually carried out on CNC turning lathe to process inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, end surfaces, conical surfaces, forming surfaces and threads of workpieces.

When machining the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces of CNC turning parts, the turning tool moves in the direction parallel to the rotation axis of the workpiece. When turning the end face or cutting off the workpiece, the turning tool moves horizontally in the direction perpendicular to the rotation axis of the workpiece. If the trajectory of the turning tool of CNC turning parts forms an oblique angle with the rotation axis of the workpiece, a conical surface can be machined. When turning the surface of a rotating body, the forming tool method or the tool tip trajectory method can be adopted. When machining CNC turning parts, the workpiece is driven by the spindle of the machine tool to rotate as the main movement; The turning tool clamped on the tool holder carries out feeding motion.

How to maintain CNC turning parts?

1. When loading tools on CNC turning parts by hand, it is necessary to ensure that the tools are installed in place and check whether the locking on the tool holder is reliable;

2. It is strictly forbidden to load overweight and overlong tools into the tool magazine, so as to prevent the tools from falling off or colliding with workpieces, fixtures, etc.

3. When adopting the sequential tool selection method, attention should be paid to whether the order of placing tools on the tool magazine is correct. Other tool selection methods should also pay attention to whether the changed tool number is consistent with the required tool to prevent accidents caused by changing the wrong tool;

4. Pay attention to keep the knife handle and knife sleeve clean;

5. Always check whether the tool magazine's return to zero position is correct, check whether the tool change point of the machine tool spindle is in place, and adjust it in time, otherwise the tool change action cannot be completed;

6. When starting up, the tool magazine and manipulator should be idle, and check whether each part of CNC turning parts works normally, especially whether each travel switch and solenoid valve can operate normally.

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