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How to improve techniques of CNC machining parts?

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CNC machining parts has been common, when the use of computers has increased in industrial manufacturing processes. Conventional industrial equipment like center lathes, routers, drills and millers are now operated through CNC machining parts to achieve better control. Nowadays, CNC machining parts is found in many industries to aid production as it streamlines the manufacturing process.

How to improve techniques of CNC machining parts?

Turning of CNC machining parts: Turning simply involves clamping a workpiece firmly onto a rotating plate or mandrel. As the workpiece spins, the cutting tool is held against it in a fixture mounted on a moving slide. The slide can be moved up and down the length of the workpiece, as well as closer to or away from the center line. This simple action is ideal for removing large amounts of material quickly. In addition, a drill bit mounted on the tailstock of CNC machining parts can bore precise holes down the centerline of the workpiece.Milling of CNC machining parts: Milling differs fundamentally from turning in that the workpiece is held stationary and the cutting tool rotates on a spindle. The workpiece is usually held horizontally in a machine vise, mounted on a table that moves in the X and Y directions. The spindle holds a variety of cutting tools and moves in the X, Y and Z axes. Although a mill can also drill holes and bores, it excels at removing stock from more complex and asymmetrical parts. Milling and turning are responsible for the majority of CNC machining parts.


Surface grinding of CNC machining parts: Making a very flat surface on metal parts is important for many applications and the best way to make such a precise surface is with a grinder. The grinder is a spinning disk covered with an abrasive grit of a specific coarseness. The workpiece is mounted on a table and is moved back and forth laterally beneath the abrasive wheel or is sometimes held firm while the wheel moves.

Why CNC machining parts is important for manufacturing?


l Greater efficiency: One reason for using CNC machining parts for production is efficiency. Since computers are used to control machines, CNC machining parts means that all major operations of production can be automated to increase speed and quality of manufacturing. On the other hand, if CNC machining parts is not used, a technician will have to drill which would take more time.

l CNC machines do not have to be switched off, unless maintenance is needed, meaning that the production can go on without any break. CNC machines controlled through computers don’t fatigue and do not need break, thus the process of production is streamlined. Such efficiency can never be achieved through a manual process.


l More accuracy: CNC machining parts is beneficial for manufacturing is its accuracy. CNC machining parts are programmable and each and every detail of the production process can be fed into the machine. By using CNC machining parts, identical parts can made with the highest accuracy levels. Reducing errors from the manufacturing process eliminates unnecessary waste. CNC machining parts can manufacture ideal parts to meet requirements of clients.

l Fabrication: For fabrication, CNC machining parts is very important. Several operations are involved in fabrication such as welding sheets of metal, shearing, punching holes and flame cutting which can be done safely by using CNC machining parts. Large machines can be fabricated through CNC machining parts according to any desired specification. CNC machining parts are reprogrammable and flexible which makes them an ideal choice for fabrication.

How to align CNC machining parts?

Level the base. Before you begin to work on CNC machining parts, you’ll want to establish a level base. The consequences of a non-level platform are manifold: rails, bearing blocks, and base weldments will all suffer excessive stress. Repeatability becomes impossible, and you may require replacement parts. To level your base, use a three-plane laser or machinist’s level on the bridge rails and base rails at multiple fixed points to make sure the machine is aligned.

Square the bridge from X to Y. This will involve creating a perpendicular axis between X and Y, where X is the bridge transverse travel and Y is the moving table or moving gantry.

Square the backbone front-to-back from Z to Y. You can use a laser or granite blocks for this step. Align the granite to the Y plane and then indicate off of the 90-degree granite edge. Make shim adjustments as necessary to make the Z axis perpendicular to the Y.

The fourth and fifth alignment are the most complex. To straighten a bridge rail, pull off a bearing and attach the mag base and plunge indicator. Zero the indicator and then begin to move it along the rail. Mark every place where the indicator reveals that the rail is out of square, and then loosen all the bolts in that window. One-by-one, push or pull on the rail using a pry bar and zero out your indicator, re-tightening each bolt as you straighten the rail.


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