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How to choose a CNC machining center?

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When buying CNC machining center products, we don't know where to start and what type of machining center to buy. From the following considerations, you can clearly understand how to choose a CNC machining center that suits you. It is necessary to clarify the processing object, and then select the CNC machining center equipment. Before determining the purchase object, first of all, it is necessary to clarify the object to be processed. Generally speaking, parts with the following characteristics are suitable for processing in machining centers: multi-process intensive workpieces require many tools to be processed on one workpiece; workpieces with complicated positioning, such as multi-hole machining with positioning hole spacing accuracy requirements, use machine tools The feature of high positioning accuracy is very convenient to implement. Reproducible workpieces are suitable for single-piece small batch production. Small batch refers to 1-100 pieces, and the number of each batch is not large, but it needs to be repeatedly produced. In addition, even if the workpiece shapes and sizes are different, but they are similar workpieces, it is easy to realize the parts of the group machining (GT) process. For complex-shaped parts, molds, aviation parts and other complex-shaped workpieces, various special-shaped parts can be processed on the machining center with the help of automatic programming technology. Box and plate parts use the rotary table on the horizontal high-speed machining center to process multi-faceted box parts, such as spindle box, pump body, valve body, internal combustion engine cylinder block, etc. If even the top surface needs to be processed in one clamping, a pentahedron machining center can be used. The vertical small machining center is suitable for machining box covers, cylinder heads, plane cams, etc. Gantry machining center is used to process large box and plate parts, such as diesel locomotive cylinder block, machining center column, bed, printing wall panel machine, etc.

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