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How to choose a CNC lathe

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(1) Selection criteria Confirm the basic principles of the three elements; according to the cutting requirements, first confirm the back-engagement amount ap, then look up the table to get the feed, and then calculate the main cutting speed U through the look-up table and formula. In many cases we can confirm the value of these three elements through empirical data. (2) Selection method Practice has proved that the selection of reasonable cutting amount is related to various factors such as CNC machine tools, tools, workpieces and processes. The method for selecting the processing amount reasonably is as follows: when roughing, it is mainly to ensure a higher production efficiency, so a larger amount of back-feeding knife a should be selected. Larger feed, cutting speed U selects medium and low speed; when finishing, it is mainly to ensure the requirements of the size and surface accuracy of the parts, so choose a smaller back-cut amount ap, smaller feed, cutting speed U choose a higher speed; when roughing, it is generally necessary to give full play to the potential of the CNC machine tool and the cutting ability of the tool. When semi-finishing and finishing, the CNC lathe factory should consider how to ensure the processing quality, and try to improve the productivity on this basis. When selecting the cutting amount, the CNC lathe factory should ensure that the tool can complete a part or ensure that the durability of the tool is not less than one working shift, at least not less than half a working shift. The detailed value of the CNC lathe factory should be selected according to the rules in the machine tool manual, tool durability and practical experience.

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