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How about our solutions for CNC turning?

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We have a variety of products to meet your CNC turning software needs. Whether you're looking for a stand-alone CAM package with turning capabilities, or CAM software fully integrated into a powerful CAD program, we have a solution for you. We have the largest one-stop solution for computerized machine tool tools. Our spacious fabrication shop is equipped with cutting-edge CNC machining equipment, including 5-axis milling machines, 4-axis lathes, and 3D printing capabilities. From physical machine placement, floor organization/storage solutions, tool and coolant usage, processes. Turn-mill programming software solution simplifies high-power multi-stream machining centers to improve performance and safety. These multi-tasking CNC machines increase manufacturing efficiency by reducing multiple setups, manual part handling, redundant fixtures and idle time. Our products are locally manufactured and assembled using a customer-centric approach. We are leaders in CNC turning centers, CNC machining centers (3-4-5 axes), CNC horizontal machining centers, vertical CNC machines, VTL and more.

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At Holy Precision, we provide high-quality cnc machining, rapid prototyping and surface treamtnt services for supporting your projects. We have senior engineers and proficient workers in our team to serve for you in cnc machining milling, rapid prototyping, cnc turning.

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