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Does CNC machining parts need to lubricate?

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There are several different variables that need to be taken into consideration by manufacturers who are in search of improving the performance and health of their CNC machining parts. Most important is to consider specifically is the correct lubrication processes. As CNC machining parts is a machine, you may wonder whether CNC machining parts need to be lubricated.

What are types of operations of CNC machining parts?

CNC machining parts is a manufacturing process suitable for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and agriculture, and able to produce a range of products. The CNC machining parts encompasses several different computer-controlled machining operations.

Drilling is a CNC machining parts process which employs multi-point drill bits to produce cylindrical holes in the workpiece. In CNC drilling, typically the CNC machining parts feeds the rotating drill bit perpendicularly to the plane of the workpiece’s surface, which produces vertically-aligned holes with diameters equal to the diameter of the drill bit employed for the drilling operation. However, angular drilling operations can also be performed through the use of specialized machine configurations and work-holding devices.


Milling is a CNC machining parts process which employs rotating multi-point cutting tools 图片4to remove material from the workpiece. In CNC milling, the CNC machining parts typically feeds the workpiece to the cutting tool in the same direction as the cutting tool’s rotation, whereas in manual milling the machine feeds the workpiece in the opposite direction to the cutting tool’s rotation.

图片5Turning is a CNC machining parts process which employs single-point cutting tools to remove material from the rotating workpiece. In CNC turning, the CNC lathe machining parts feeds the cutting tool in a linear motion along the surface of the rotating workpiece, removing material around the circumference until the desired diameter is achieved, to produce cylindrical parts with external and internal features, such as slots, tapers, and threads.

Does CNC machining parts need to lubricate?

In case of lubricants, specifically, two types of lubricants are used in CNC machining parts. First is the metalworking or cutting fluid that is used on the cutting surfaces. Second is the lubricants that assists the internal machinery. This lubricant is also called as behind-the-scenes lubricant.

Making the right choices for both is essential to maximizing CNC machining parts performance and health. Using the wrong metalworking fluid has the potential to be disastrous, as it not only affects tools’ lifespan of CNC machining parts, but also directly impacts product quality.

Extreme heat and friction can quickly lead to a broken cutting tool of CNC machining parts. However, can all be avoided by using the proper metalworking fluid for CNC machining parts.

Lubrication helps CNC machining parts to cut more easily, which generates less heat and friction and clears the chips away from the cut. Even if coatings are believed to be used on CNC machining parts and provide lubrication, they tend to be fragile and don’t deal with the problem as well as a mist or flood metalworking fluid.

Does CNC machining parts need to cool?

Coolant and lubricant to CNC machining parts are terms used interchangeably, though not all coolants are lubricants. Direct coolants those which make physical contact with a part can be compressed air, water, oil, synthetics, or semi-synthetics. When directed to CNC machining parts, these can help to fend off high temperatures that could lead to melting, warping, discoloration, or tool failure. Additionally, coolant can help evacuate CNC machining parts from a part, preventing chip recutting and aiding in part finish.

Coolant can be expensive, however, and wasteful if not necessary. Coolant is delivered in several different forms both in properties and pressure. The most common forms include air, mist, flood coolant, high pressure, and Minimum Quantity Lubricant (MQL). Choosing the wrong pressure can lead to part or tool damage, whereas choosing the wrong amount can lead to exhausted shop resources.

Coolant is all-too-often overlooked as a major component of CNC machining parts. The type of coolant and the pressure at which it’s applied is vital to both CNC machining parts success and optimum efficiency. Coolant can be applied as compressed air, mist, in a flooding property, or as high pressure.


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