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Different Types of Sand Blasting

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Different Types of Sand Blasting

What is sand blasting ?

  Sand blasting is used to complete metal fabrication projects. Very small pieces or particles are propelled at high speed to clean the surface and prepare it for painting or other metal surface treatment techniques depending on the product's end use. Sandblasting will remove oxide skin, oil, and rust that may form on newly manufactured steel components, as well as other harmful surface contaminants that may damage the project. Cleaning metal by hand is a long and arduous process, whereas sandblasting can be done quickly and easily. Sandblasting is suitable for many different projects, and the material chosen for sandblasting will affect the final result.


Silica sand or silica

  Silica sand is just plain sand that you see everywhere. Silica sand used to be the primary method of sandblasting because it removed surface impurities and provided a clean, smooth appearance without damage. However, other abrasives have been found to be equally effective in different metal manufacturing projects.


  Soda sandblasting does not damage the outer layer of the softer metal because it does not react chemically and is not as abrasive as other materials. Fine metal materials are often the best choice for soda sandblasting. No damage or dents will be caused, but the grit will still provide the cleaning and smoothing effect you can get from other,  coarser abrasives.

Steel sand

  Steel sand can be used for sandblasting and scraping. The steel is abrasive enough to remove corrosion and rust from hard metal surfaces and has a fast cutting effect, which can be used effectively for thick surface preparation before painting. Steel sandblasting is common in automobiles, aviation and heavy machinery. Steel sand leaves a smooth surface and is recyclable.

Glass marble

  Glass bead sandblasting is ideal for paint preparation and can provide a unique matte or satin finish to metal surfaces. It can provide a clean finish on a variety of metals, but softer metals (aluminium, for example) are ideal for glass beads. The beads do not contain silica and are environmentally sound.

Bristle blasting

  Bristle sandblasting is used only on rough surfaces to remove corrosion or burrs that are difficult to remove. The steel bristles are arranged like a brush and rotate over the metal surface to remove impurities, thus providing a smooth surface finish.

Benefits of sandblasting

  Sandblasting has many benefits. Before your metal products are safe to use, you need to treat them to ensure there are no contaminants. Sandblasting provides a clean, smooth finish. The grains of sand are small enough that they clean and smooth the surface by the impact of compressed air, rather than denting it, while removing rust and other unwanted things. Sandblasting is environmentally friendly because it relies entirely on physical wear rather than chemicals. No exposure to toxic chemicals, sand is natural and can be replenished. Finally, sandblasting is efficient. Compared to other metal finishes, sandblasting completes the finish much faster. Turnaround times are fast, which will shorten the length of the overall project.


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