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CNC Machining Black POM Clip Project

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                              CNC Machining Black POM Clip Project                                                                             

Plastic is a common material in our daily and it is a kind of widely used material in custom cnc machining, which also has a variety of types, for instance, POM, PC, PP, HDPE, ABS, Nylon etc.


Recently, we had completed a new case for Black POM Clip Project, lets share this case study together here.


Project details:

Project Name: CNC Machining Black POM Clip Project

Material: Black POM

Process: CNC Machining, Milling and Deburring

Lead Time: about 20-25 days

Quantity: 500pcs

Product Application: this black POM clip part will be used for the tools for fixing, which requires nice smooth surface.



1. Material Inspection

The material purchased will be checked well by quality inspection team before production to make sure good quality.


2. Programme and Debug Machine

The machinist inputs the code to make the programme and debug the cnc 4 axis cnc machining center before starting the machining process.



3. CNC Machining Milling Process

After debugging the 4 axis cnc machine, the parts will be start for machining production, different side and hole position need to be machined well, by using 4 axis cnc machine, which can achieve high efficient and high precision for parts for machining milling process.




4. Deburring Process

After the parts are machined well, it will be cleaned well and start to proceed with the deburring process to remove all burrs on the edges and corners for parts.




5. Quality Inspection Process

After completing a series of work-stage with cnc machining, cnc milling, chamfering and deburring, the finished product will be checked thoroughly by quality inspection team to make sure good quality work before shipment.






6. Finished Products Show

CNC Machining Black POM Clip Part







Above is the all process case for new project for engine cover.

Holy Precision is a professional ISO9001 cnc machining supplier, looking forward to collaborating with you in coming new project!


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