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CNC Aluminum Machining Parts Proejcts

Views: 0     Author: Wing     Publish Time: 2022-09-30      Origin: Holy Precision Manufacturing


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Aluminum Machining Projects

Aluminum is the most common processing material for CNC. We HOLY PRECISION , included the common AL6061, AL6063, AL6082, AL7075, AL2017, AL2024, AL5052, AL5083 ETC. and any type of machinable Aluminum as your requested.

Here we shared a CNC Aluminum Project.

This is one of our CNC Aluminum Machining Projects which finished recently in late September-CNC Machining in Aluminum 6061 Plate Materials.

Projects details:

Materials: Aluminum 6061 Plate

Quantity: Total 8 items=1290 PCS

Lead Time: 15 days

Surface Treatment: Brushing/Sandblasted/Anodized

1-Raw Materials Inspection

-The dimensions of raw materials conforms to the production

-Surface finish meets customer requirements

-Materials pass quality inspection

CNC 3 Axis Machining Process

Part 1

We use CNC 3 axis machined to make the this parts.

Brushing Process- this is one of common machined surface treatment. it is a method to improve the surface finish of the workpiece by using the reciprocating motion of the wire drawing cloth and friction on the workpiece surface. The surface texture is linear. It can improve the surface quality and mask slight scratches on the surface.

4-Anodized Process-Our worker is hanging up the parts

5-Finished Anodized Products-all of the parts finished black anodized process as our comtomer s requeset

6-Final inspection-Our quality inspector uses the calipers to check every detail size on 2d drawings

-For the key dimensions shall be re-measured with the profile projector to ensure that they are correct.

7-Finished Products showing-Black Anodized

CNC Turning Process

Part 2

This is the parts made by CNC Turning & CNC Machining process.

Final inspection-Our quality inspector double check all dimensions before shipment.

Finished Products showing-Black Anodized

CNC 5 Axis Machining Process

The rest of items parts

-Tapping Process

-Chamfer Process

-Anodized Process-Hanging up

Final inspection-our quality inspector uses the calipers to make the final inspection.

Final Products showing-The rest of the parts items

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

This is all we have in this project. We are glad that we can successfully complete this project with our customers.

HOLY PRECISION looks forward to cooperating with you in the next project.

If you have any cnc projects, we hope we can get your cooperation opportunity to make parts for you.

Thank you.

Hey there, I am Sunny!
From Holy Precision, we're ISO9001 customized cnc machining manufacturer for more than 20 years and in wide range of different industry.Contact us with OEM services.
Best Regards, Sunny, Manager

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