Stamping Service

Precision Metal Stamping Service

At Holy Precision, we provide customers with a wide range of manufacturing options, including stamping processes such as progressive, single hit, in-die tapping, and compound die stamping. The diversity of our stamping capabilities allows us to produce parts and components with maximum efficiency. It also ensures that we are using the optimal process for your design, imparting enhanced physical properties and low-cost production.

Our capabilities include, blanking, piercing, coining, drawing, drilling, tapping, reaming and forming. We stamp all metals and some plastics. We can stamp very thin materials as well as thicker materials. In addition, we manufacture value-added assemblies, taking your stamped part and then adding pems, rivets, hardware and even spot welding/welding when needed. While most stampers don’t like secondary operations, we excel at these.

If customers have existing tooling they wish to transfer to our facility, we can provide a comprehensive evaluation performed by an experienced toolmaker. In addition, if any repairs or upgrades are needed, our in-house capabilities can handle it. While in our facility, all tooling is maintained to ensure that production remains consistent and within all required tolerances. Our extra attention to proper die care and maintenance prevents downtime and eliminates the risk of nonconforming stamped parts.

In Holy’s sheet metal stamping service, a blank or a roll of metal sheet is placed on the working surface. On the working surface, tools and dies are pressed on either side of the sheet to produce indentations or marks. Although it is usually done on a metal plate, other materials such as polystyrene can also be stamped. Some punching machines also perform punching. In this process, the material between the tool and the die is removed.

Holy has a wide range of capabilities and professional manufacturing services. In the company’s huge production facilities, there are different tools and types of machinery. The company is equipped with high-volume press production lines, power straightening machines, servo roller feeding, auxiliary presses, shears and other supporting equipment. All these machines must be maintained regularly to ensure their maximum performance. Holy is also good at turning your product ideas into reality. In addition to the company’s excellent internal processes.

Among all the new stamping parts, we provide high-quality, customized precision metal stamping parts for many industries such as aerospace, electronics and medical. We believe that our engineering level, the production and overall performance of metal stamping parts are all an art form. For decades, we have made full use of promising technologies and uniquely applied them to our advanced systems to make things right the first time.

From choosing the best material for your metal stamping project to molds, we know how to listen and how to connect our engineering strength with customer needs. We have learned how to provide a sense of satisfaction that enhances reliability, confidence and value and makes customers very satisfied. We will provide you with the highest quality stamping service standards. To meet your needs, we integrate it into every metal stamping part we manufacture.

Holy’s stamping services cover all metal stamping production lines from progressive dies to single stamping, from composite dies to fine blanking. We are good at heavy deep drawing stamping.
We provide metal stamping services for multiple industries, including aerospace, military, medical, construction, and automotive. Our stamping parts are only used in motors, airbags, electrical appliances, sporting goods, microelectronics and lighting equipment. We can work within the tolerance range of ±0.001” and comply with ISO, AS and Mil specifications. We are happy to accept short-term orders of 10 units or more, up to millions of units.

Utilizing a combination of advanced technology and innovative engineering practices, we are able to provide a myriad of CNC machining and fabrication services at competitive prices. For more information about our stamping capability, please contact us directly.